Call for urgent action to combat the menace of kush in Sierra Leone

Arthur .E. Pearce: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 March 2024:

The emerging crisis of the use of narcotics known as kush in Sierra Leone, needs immediate action. As a concerned citizen, I urge the government to stop talking and begin doing to stop the use of this dangerous drug that is harming communities. (Photo above: Courtesy of NPR).

Similar to past health crises like Ebola and COVID-19 in Sierra Leone, decisive steps must be taken to tackle the root causes of the kush epidemic. The SLPP Government must quarantine the source (dealers, producers or importers).

I appeal to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to do more than just talk about the problem. Concrete actions are desperately needed to stop the devastation caused by kush, especially among the youths.

Photo: Ibrahim Koroma of the Mental Watch Advocacy Network, a local civil society organisation, warns kush users of the dangers of the drug in a slum neighbourhood in Western Freetown, Sierra Leone. “The kush situation is deadly” said Koroma. “Young people are losing their lives, especially in these poor communities”. (Photo courtesy of NPR).

Identifying and isolating the sources of kush production and distribution is crucial in reducing its availability and impact in all communities, especially so because Kush is not just a recreational drug for our youths, but a profitable business that supports many households.

Kush is easily accessible and affordable, making targeted interventions to disrupt its supply chain and dismantle the networks involved with this trade an emergency.

Citizen are expressing concerns about the effectiveness of the Drug Enforcement Agency, citing lack of resources to combat drug trafficking effectively.

Urgent action is required from the SLPP administration to provide the appropriate resources to the Police and all others involved in combating the kush epidemic.

By identifying and isolating the sources of kush and enforcing strict measures, the government can make significant progress in eliminating this threat and protect the youths of Sierra Leone.

Editor’s Note: This video shows police action in rounding kush users in Freetown

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