China to supply $7million military hardware to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 November 2019:

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to China, Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina and Major General Ci Guowei, Chief of the International Military Cooperation Department of the Ministry of the National Defence of the People’s Republic of China, last Thursday signed an Agreement between Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the National Defence of the People’s Republic of China, for the supply of ‘military assistance’ to Sierra Leone valued at over $7 million (50,000,000 Chinese Yuan).

Both countries are looking to further develop cooperative relations between the armed forces of the two countries.

Present during the signing ceremony, were Senior officers of the National Defence of China and Sierra Leone’s Defence Attache to the People’s Repubic of China, Colonel Sajoh Mohamed Daramy.

It is not clear what items of military hardware will be supplied by China to Sierra Leone, as the country looks to rebuild its military capacity and capability.

But critics are frowning on this military deal with China, which they say Sierra Leone does not need, as the country faces severe economic difficulties.

The government of Sierra Leone is struggling to raise revenue to support its flagship – Free Quality Education Programme for primary and secondary schools, as well as maintain the country’s failing healthcare sector.


  1. I strongly recommend the new typhoid vaccine. In my 40 year experience in SL a lot of malaria poorly treated was diagnosed wrongly as typhoid with serious consequences in some cases. Hence my recommendation of the new typhoid vaccine. The Freetown Rotary Club can help in procuring the vaccine as we did with the Measles vaccine.

  2. Absolutely agree,my brother Alimamy.Anyone with a discerning mind would easily tell you that this 7 million dollars agreement for military hardware coming from the Chinese looks quite dubious,and suspicious.The last thing this government should be thinking about Brahim,the King,is stockpiling munitions,and weapons,in critical times like this full of economic hardships,and financial insecurities. Its clear to me,their priorities are not,and have never been in order.Again,this can be a clear sign,that the notorious SLPP have something crazy,ambiguous,shady,and questionable,discreetly hidden up their tribalistic sleeves.(lol)

    But then again,who the hell cares,what these Caterpillars have already skewed,roasted,grilled,and cooked,in the broth of malevolence,waiting to be served by their arrogant,diabolical hands? Whatever it is they wish to serve us: hot or cold,fizzling,or sizzling with brutality,anger,and revenge,we say – Bring it on! We are right here,not moving an inch,out of concern,worry or fear…Whatever it is…Bring It! Be it Dragons,monsters,devils or Vampires…Inshallah the majestic sword of Truth,and Courage will measure up gallantly to them,vanquish,and annihilate them completely! Enough is enough!

    How long will this incompetent SLPP government keep on forcing the sick,disabled,infants,and old people to go hungry,by throwing urgently needed revenues away,like trash into garbage dustbins?Potbelly criminals,and compulsive eaters – Men who are being fed tirelessly,a hundred times in a single day,that’s who they are.(lol)They gulp down,gurgle,and swallow Champagne,whiskey,and Wine by the gallons,Apeteshie in countless litres and,yet still are never satisfied – Yup,they will always keep on thirsting for more…A damn Shame to even mention the SLPP by Name.(lol).Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. If the Chinese could help TRAIN and ARM our NAVY to CHASE and ARREST ILLEGAL Chinese POACHERS and TRAWLERS on our TERRITORIAL WATERS, our local fishermen will have enough catch to feed the entire country. That would be a very good idea and every Sierra Leonean will love and respect the Chinese forever.
    GOD BLESS the Chinese for helping our NAVY.

  4. Why is our government not paying attention to the needs of the people,but instead looking for investments in military hardware?WHY? SOMEBODY PROVIDE ME WITH SOME SENSIBLE ANSWERS…GreatSayedna, where are you?

  5. really it’s also good to have security in the country but what is more important is the life of the people, so the government need to do something about the job creation.

  6. If it was not for the shrewd thinking of the great Siaka Probyn Stevens (Sheki) in making sure a military barracks was built at Teko, in the North, the first GENOCIDE in Africa would have taken place in Sierra Leone – not Rwanda. What is simmering in the thinking facilities of these guys who called themselves SLPP or neo-NPRC?

    “China to supply $7 million military hardware to Sierra Leone” is not big money; but it could have created at least 16 modern-built schools across the country – one in each district. Or it could have been used to provide jobs for the suffering masses. Local and international actors watch out! Don’t let the world experience another Rwanda.

    This article is short of a lot of valuable information. What are these paopa maniacs intending to commit? There is no threat of war from either of our neighbours – Guinea and Liberia. So what is the big deal? Perhaps, Dr Banya’s recent article was just a distraction … or a twist from a vicious and cunning old man.

  7. That’s fantastic news. Maybe when someone creates a machine that converts guns to food, it will be even more “fantastica”.
    Thanks China, we’ll get there much quicker with your help, Revelation says it all.

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