Chinese embassy launches pottery production training course in Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 January 2020:

China’s embassy in Sierra Leone has today launched a training course on Pottery Production Techniques at the Goderich Campus of the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) in Freetown.

The 42 days training course is sponsored by the Chinese government and supported by the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education of the Sierra Leonean government.

The course aims to improve the pottery production skills of 45 participants from across the capital Freetown.

The ceremony was graced by Mr. Zhang Xueqian, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy; Dr. Victor Massaquoi, Director of TVET of Ministry of Technical and Higher Education; and Dr. Philip John Kanu, Principal of MMCET.

45 participants, 6 Chinese teachers and more than 200 faculty members and students of MMCET also attended today’s launching event.

In his statement, Counsellor Zhang Xueqian stated that as a driver for economic and social progress, human capital development is one of the priorities in President Julius Maada Bio’ New Direction Manifesto.

China has always been dedicated to helping Sierra Leone nurture talents in various fields.

Counsellor Zhang stated that in 2018, Chinese government held the first-ever training course on pottery production in Lunsar and Waterloo in Sierra Leone, which effectively improved the enterprise and survival skills of the villagers in that area.

This year, in 2020, the Chinese are working with the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education to further empower more Sierra Leonean youth, and make greater contribution in dealing with youth unemployment in Sierra Leone.

Counsellor Zhang empathized that this course is not only a platform for mutual learning, but also an opportunity where China and Sierra Leone can deepen cultural exchange and forge closer people to people ties.

Dr. Victor Massaquoi, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Chinese government for their great in supporting education in Sierra Leone.

He admonished the participants to take the training course seriously and actively participate in learning and practicing activities. He reiterated that the cooperation between his ministry and the Chinese have always been commendable and he looked forward to seeing both sides take it to a new level.

In recent years, human resource development has been one of the highlights in the cooperation between China and Sierra Leone. This year witnesses the second time that the Chinese government is holding a training course on pottery production techniques in Sierra Leone.


  1. Is this training organised only for participants from Lunsar, Waterloo and Freetown? In 2018, they thought of Lunsar and Waterloo. In 2020, they thought of the whole of Freetown. I hope Freetown rural and Freetown urban areas were not excluded. No training for BO, Kailahun, Kono, Makeni, Port Loko, Sumbuya, etc. Is that fair? Absolutely not. Taking to myself. This is total partiality to the country in my view. Are Lunsar, Waterloo and Freetown the only towns or areas that need this training?

    Why can’t the Chinese and The Ministry of higher and technical education do the right thing? They should do things that make sense. Why not select participants throughout the country and train them in Freetown? We have twelve districts in the country including the western area. Just take 3 participants from every district in the country including the western area and train them in Freetown? Those who received the training will then return and train their fellow citizens.

    The next time another training is scheduled, the Chinese will just send the training materials to the newly trained men/women to organize the training in their districts. That makes sense and people like me will have no problem with the organization of the training.

    As far as I am concerned, the training itself is a very good thing but, the way it is organised for the country as a whole, is super poor. I hope the Chinese will consider my point and make changes that will satisfy the whole country and people like me the next time a training is scheduled. God bless the Chinese and the organisers of this training.

  2. It is only a miserable bunch of inept,deplorable people,that have already become rotten to the innermost core of their delusional beings,with pride,and shameless ingratitude that will not applaud,celebrate,or appreciate the formidable relationship that Old,Shrewd Stevens built with his skillful hands,cleverly,and tactfully with the amiable,trustworthy Chinese people.

    Stevens was a visionary leader that keenly understood the importance of holding things in balance,of p!anting vibrant, productive, long term yielding seeds;He was an expert at laborious toiling, nurturing,trimming,and watering relationships for the benefits of future generations to come – today we are proud to hear,and declare,we are still enjoying a heart warming, relationship of trust,and mutual respect with the Chinese his diligent,industrious,hands,molded like the finest pottery, scores,and scores of years ago.

    Is there a man or woman,that has accomplished more in Sierra Leone than Old Siaka Stevens? Nope! Stevens outshines them all,like a full moon staring sharply behind a moving curtain of dark,depressing,obstructive clouds.(lol) Now listen very well – Only the new optimistic generation of educated APC youths will be able to transform Sierra Leone into the Paradise on earth we have all been thirsting, longing,and waiting for,and I am quite sure the dependable,friendly Chinese will be right by our sides,assisting us all the way until we achieve that lofty, admirable,enviable goal of ours…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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