Chinese envoy assures Sierra Leone of further cooperation

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 September 2019:

Last Friday, 6 September 2019, a special representative of president Xi Jinping of China, Mr. Yang Jiechi, met with president Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone at State House in Freetown, where he assured president Bio of China’s commitment to further deepening and strengthening bilateral relations with the New Direction government.

Mr. Yang, who is visiting Kenya, Nigeria and Sierra Leone to exchange views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common interest, said he is in the country on a special assignment for China’s premier Xi Jinping.

He said that during president Bio’s visit to China last year, the two Heads of State discussed a range of issues, including how to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

The envoy also said that China cherishes its ties with the West African state and was ready to work with the new administration to further deepen that relationship and push for greater progress for the benefit of the two counties.

In his response, president Julius Maada Bio thanked the envoy and his delegation for visiting the Sierra Leone, saying it is a special visit that heightens the relationship between China and the people of Sierra Leone.

President Bio also commended the Chinese government for maintaining its relationship with Sierra Leone.

Yang Jiechi is a high-ranking Chinese politician and diplomat. He is also the Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

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  1. Great men like the Herculean Stevens,are incomparable when it comes to building long lasting alliances,and forging formidable relationships. They see the end in the beginning of things,and a whole future is revealed to their prudent minds in brief,fleeting moments of deep reflections,and quiet meditation. Old wise Stevens knew,countless decades ago,that China was a nation,endowed with the potentials to some day become the greatest country upon the face of the beautiful earth,and indeed,time has proved him impressively precise – he was right on the money.

    Foresight,creativity,and imagination are all indelible characteristics of great leaders – and Stevens, the Master of Shrewd had them all,like glittering medals on the uniform of a renowned,celebrated war General. Tirelessly,night,and day,enduring fatigue,like a diligent,workman,with a goal in mind,he used his tools,and skills to build us solid economic bridges,credible diplomatic channels,and dependable financial footpaths,purposefully designed to guide,and help a nation still in its infancy to be able to crawl,undisturbed,gently at its own little pace.

    You think that was clever,huh? Well it was – but wait there’s more: The sustainable relationships he cemented between Sierra Leone,and many other great nations,were all created through his magical ” Midas Touch” that turned everything he touched to Gold. Friendship,intelligence,and a simple mixture of trust,mutual respect,and understanding,were like explosives,and dynamite in his capable hands; And they brought challenges,and obstacles,standing in his way, easily crashing down,like a fragile deck of cards. A master at the Peak of his Powers,surpassing an athlete in top form,Stevens once was!

    What this escapist President,and his unthankful SLPP government are enjoying today,came from the toil,sweat,hard work,and great sacrifices of the legendary Stevens. Our nation was truly blessed to have such a man as our leader. Listen again, if there are countless water wells,and rushing springs for us to drink from, and quench our thirsts today – give thanks to the Almighty first,and then to Stevens. Yup,for the future benefit of our nation,Stevens made us a dependable friend – China.

    And old friends are like wine,they get better with age. Old alliances are as good as gold; they remain as solid as rocks,sitting unmoved for centuries on the edges of eternal Seashores. And so,without hesitations, let us be bold to declare,and say,that the Chinese are our oldest,most trusted,dependable friends,because Good Old Stevens made it so….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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