Councillors of the Freetown City Council call for the removal of the council’s chief adminstrator

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 july 2021:

Elected councillors of the Freetown City Council have today signed a protest letter calling on the minister of local government – Mr Tamba Lamina to remove the Council’s Chief Administrator, Festus Kallay from office.

Kallay is accused of disruptive behaviour, insubordination and dereliction of duty. (Photo above: President Bio and the local government minister Lamina).

Yesterday, an elected Freetown ward councillor spoke to the Sierra Leone Telegraph about the Council’s Chief Administrator’s continuous attempt at sabotaging the work of the council in improving the lives of people of the city.

This is the letter signed by the elected councillors:



  1. This is what the Councilors should have done since day one when smoke of SLPP mischief began to appear;the fire of insubordination is now roaring and raging totally out of control; Unprofessional and unethical men who frown on the leadership skills of highly competent women like Mayor Sawyer should have been ushered out the door a long time ago. Oh well, what’s done is done,better still late than never; Its time for the Ignoramus to go. This man is a traitor,a loser that has betrayed the nation by discreetly scheming and conniving behind the scenes with Good for Nothing SLPP loyalists; doomsday government officials who’s desires are to frustrate the best efforts of the Mayor of Freetown and bring progress to a stand still.

    But he has failed miserably,the President that he supports is also an abject woeful failure anxious to hold on to power at all cost like a street harlot desperate to not let a generous client go somewhere else to spend a long,cold night (lol) This President is seeking his own interests at the expense of the principles of a Democracy like our own still crawling in its infancy. How on earth did this nation that can boast of having some of the brightest minds in the world allow a shoe shrine military brat that used to shine boots until they reflected like spanking new mirrors for extra rations of food become President of Sierra Leone my only Precious home? (lol)

  2. I would love to see the C.A, F. Kallay, defend against these ‘vicious allegations’ of insurbordination. Insurbordination in its extreme is tantamount to treason. The State is slowly unfolding into new ambitious ‘2nd world’ growth, ask ‘New Directionites’. If these allegations are proven, I think the councillors are acting in error. He should be barred from public office.

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