Days of the SLPP are numbered – the people will send them packing in 2023

Wilfred Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 March 2021:

Never in the history of our nation have we had a government as corrupt, tribalistic, inefficient, uncivilized and unprogressive as the present SLPP government led by President Maada Bio.

Everyday that dawns, Sierra Leoneans are frustrated and disappointed for voting for this Mafia and terrorist group called the SLPP. The level of corruption within the government, the horrendous human rights abuses , the disgusting tribalism and nepotism , the alarming lack of direction and wasteful spending of our meagre resources have turned the people against the SLPP government.

In just three years in office, this SLPP government is the most hated and unpopular government we have ever had in the chequered annals of our country.

When you see market women and street traders boldly abandoning business and jubilating behind opposition officials when they hit the city as they do when Ernest Koroma, or Samura Kamara or Palo Conteh comes to town, you know how unpopular this government had become. (Photo: Author – Kabs Kanu) 

The people are sending a very strong message that Sierra Leoneans made a mistake in 2018, though it was actually the British that imposed President Bio on the people of Sierra Leone, in reprisals for the growing influence of China under the APC government.

Cost of living has escalated under the rampant corruption and ineffective governance of this government. Life is so difficult for struggling Sierra Leoneans who can no longer afford even one square meal a day.

It is very obvious that 2023 will sound the death knell of the Maada Bio misadventure in Sierra Leone. The people are ready to send the SLPP government packing in 2023.

Maada Bio will face the angry wrath of the people if he refuses to leave office after his defeat in 2023 or if he tries to rig the elections. If he has never seen people’s power before, he will experience it in 2023 as Yaya Jammeh did in The Gambia.

Let all suffering Sierra Leoneans be comforted that their pain will end in 2023. The SLPP are not fit for purpose and will be voted out by the people of Sierra Leone. A clean breath of fresh air will blow throughout the land in 2023.


  1. Farudugu in Port Loko district just got electricity after 60 years. Think about it brother, after 60 years. This is the district of S I Koroma former Vice president of Sierra Leone from the APC. They just got electricity. Who is looking out for their interest? Election time guess who they gonna vote for. After 60 years of being in darkness. Their story is happening all over the country; probably we should be high lighting progress, instead of the same tired old negativity.

  2. Give me a break, Ms Sento Conteh. We are not interested in Mr Kabs Kanu’s autobiography on this glorious platform. That is his business. Who cares about how he arrived in the USA. What we care about is to shut the Bio SLPP kakistocracy and kleptocracy down in 2023. Period. It’s going to happen. Again, stand ready and stand by, folks. I hope you agree with me, Ms Sento Conteh. If not, bring any suggestions or discussions on. I’m ready and fired up. Botton line, Mr Wlfred Kabs Kanu is one of Sierra Leone’s best journalists. Take it or leave it.

    He is right in informing me about what many Sierra Leoneans, including myself, deeply care about. So, leave the fine and decent Mr Wilfred Kabs Kanu alone. God bless The Sierra Leone Telegraph, Mr Wilfred Kabs Kanu, the APC party, their leaders, and Sierra Leone’s people. “Waitin den tell dem”.

  3. APC and SLPP are tried and tested male-dominated political party leaderships that are proven bad and worse for Sierra Leone’s national interests. Neither merits being recalled to lead AGAIN. NGC though untried and untested do not currently have an exemplary reputation for internal political party management and administration, so are likely to find governing a country very challenging! They are worth considering – without a large majority – in the hope that they will develop on the job – A WORTHY GAMBLE?

  4. If there is ever a doubt how DELUSIONAL and PATHETIC some of our so called educated Sierra Leoneans have become, just read through the various commentary emanating from this opinion piece by Kabbs Kanu. By all indications, the regional, tribalistic, and political indoctrination has engulf some of us so much that, we have been left brainless, unable to even advocate or advances our very own interest. Goodness gracious, when is it ever a crime to call things as they are? In our own very homes, families, etc, don’t we always teaches our kids and expect our family members to speak the truth and nothing but the truth?

    It’s an open secret that leaders from our top political parties are corrupt to the bone. Yes, top hierarchical leaders from both the APC and SLPP are CORRUPT, can anyone with a functioning frontal lobe refute this fact? If the answer is NO, why are we then shamelessly defending these maniacs, criminal cabals? Besides enriching themselves, closed-associates, and other political bootlickers, what exactly have so many of us benefits in terms of good roads, electricity and water supply from decades of corrupt, dysfunctional governments from these political parties?

    Now if you one of those who hope and wishes for a brighter Sierra Leonean, blindly worshiping the very criminals who are responsible for the continuous stagnation and retrogressing of our nation, is definitely counterproductive. As good citizens, one of our civic responsibility is lending a voice to matters affecting our communities. In extension, many chooses to join a political party, using it as a platform to advocate for developmental aspirations of their streets, areas, villages, chiefdoms, districts, regions, and country as a whole. For these developmental aspiration to come to fruitions, we must all persistently demand that those who holds the levers of power, controlling our nation’s resources, accountable. The party in power should make no difference if citizens needs are being met.

    • A fantastic response. I’m APC but both the sun and palm tree parties have failed us all. Leh Rev Kanu talk straight. He’s my buddy but he like many others, allow cheap political sentiments to take hold of their thinking caps.

  5. Mr Kanu, is just echoing what has dominated our country’s politics for the past sixty years. Like most democratic countries around the world, in which the two party system has dominated the political landscape, it has produced divisions, and two distinct polarised societies. And they are divided on religious, tribal, regional or political and economic spheres. There are still some people in America that believe Trump won the November presidential elections. So if America an advanced society can have people like that, what hope do the rest of us have. It might not be seen as tribal in their context. But still it creates a toxic atmosphere that produces the recent storming of the capitol. So no country is spared of division. What matters is their leadership.

    Just spare a thought for TRUMP/BIDEN. what a difference in style of leadership. And this polarisation of societies is more pronounced in countries like the United States and Europe. What Mr. Kabs Kanu is doing, is nothing sort of defending his party and his believers. One thing that is clear, whether you are APC or SLPP supporter, or any other party for that matter, at the end of the day we can’t deny our country is divided on tribal and regional lines. Until we start seeing each other as Sierra Leoneans, there is not a chance in heaven our country will progress. This North/South divide has dominated our political history. Nigeria has a similar problem. So for us to progress, we need to find a third way, by coming together as one people called Sierra Leoneans and walking in lockstep towards our development goals.

  6. It’s amazing how much people in this forum know about certain individuals; they keep quiet until they are pushed. So if anyone knows they have skeletons in the cupboard they must ensure that they remain there – firmly locked up. Some of us are now being educated about Mr Kabs-Kanu. Assume a pseudonym next time Mr Kabs-Kanu because this forum is full of ruthless demons whose daily diet are public figures, they will hit you on the way down and on the way up – they are merciless.

  7. Kabs Kanu was college mate of former President Koroma. Mr. Kanu left Sierra Leone for Liberia in the 80s where he naturalized as a citizen. He briefly transmitted through Freetown in the early 90s to go to the USA where he sought asylum as a Liberian. He became a naturalized citizen of the USA in early 2000s and he maintained his Liberian citizenship as well as his American one thus becoming a dual citizen. In 2007 when his college mate and Loko Limba brother became president, Kabs Kanu was appointed in 2009 as minister plenipotentiary and Sierra Leone’s representative at a committee at the UN. Kabs Kanu himself wrote that but for health reasons that prevents him from coming to Sierra Leone, he could have been appointed to a more senior position in the Koroma government. Nevertheless he was still making over nine thousand United States Dollars as monthly salary and entitlement from the country”s consolidated funds.

    The only thing Kabs Kanu did for such a mouth watering fee was to loom Ernest Koroma’s image. Even APC people who were the true foot soldiers got the ire of Kabs Kanu if they crossed Enerst Koroma’s path. In a year, Kabs Kanu while sitting in the comfort of his home in New Jersey made over a hundred thousand United States Dollars from the Sierra Leone consolidated funds. This is more than all the per diem and travel Expenses that he and his cohort recently accused the Chief Minister’s office of using to do government functions.

    Kabs Kanu thinks Sierra Leoneans are only those found in Bombali and Karina districts and Abacha street area. That is why he thinks another of his Limba Loko brothers are so famous that they will win the elections in 2023.

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