Leopard killed in northern Sierra Leone 3

Leopard killed in northern Sierra Leone 3


  1. Peter, take off the blinkers. I lived in Sierra Leone for 4 years in the bush mining. I know what I saw. These wild animals are not a crop. They don’t grow on trees either. They are being hunted to extinction. Your people have been killing dogs and cats and calling it Bush meat. Why can’t your people farm animals to eat like the rest of the civilised world or is that too much to ask?

  2. Caterpillars, dressed in green, anxious to become transformed and liberated into butterflies, that’s who they are.(lol) Sadly, they do not understand, it is a gradual, painstaking process.(lmao) The SLPP still hasn’t realised that Sierra Leone is a Free country belonging to many different tribes – they think they can use power to harass, intimidate and instill fear on patriotic citizens who do not share their unprogressive, outdated,superficial views. Terrorists? You damn right!

    Why blame the writer for your own shortsighted,debilitating indiscretions? Here’s a piece of advice – if you are going to make foolhardy threats use your real identity and then we would have no option but to take you seriously.(lol)What the hell is wrong with this people? Why are they so anxious to suppress free speech? Who is it in State House that thinks putting a muzzle on liberal expression is ever going to be possible in Sierra Leone? Who? Of what importance are boys and girls dressed in Raffia Skirts, in prudent, thoughtful, decisive discussions and negotiations with investors? Is that what you are using as a bargaining chip? You can’t be serious – come on Madam Pratt, wake up; ” Know thyself, know thy people…” Know the Ledge ” Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. Dear James, Based on your recent article pertaining wild life tourism in Sierra Leone, l think this is a disappointing statement coming from people like you who has no business on Sierra Leone. Do you know that the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and other line ministries, departments, agencies organised workshops together for wildlife policies to extend to all, as NPAA is the institution that’s responsible for wildlife and management of all national parks, and forests in Sierra Leone?

    For your education, wildlife is the sole responsibility of NPAA. Your comments about raffairs and culture clearly shows that you’re poorly educated and ignorance of your education, and you did not know what makes your country unique from others. You just sit in your room and write such defamatory statements without doing proper research to the appropriate people. This is an old age problem.

    You’re referring to one respectable person who has suddenly wake up a sleeping and domant sector, a sector which Sierra Leoneans were referring as a punishable place for ministers. You don’t know the kind of person you’re talking about. Next time, do a proper research before publishing any article. This is highly unprofessional and baseless, bullshit and rotten article. As a fake and useless journalist, you’ll be officially summoned through your organisation and our governing body in Sierra Leone the (IMC) International Media Commission for defamatory statements.

    • Peter – next time you visit the Sierra Leone Telegraph, I would strongly advise that you respect your fellow commentators and authors, if you cannot respect yourself. Please refrain from making gullible threats here, and take your lack of decorum elsewhere, if you cannot engage in civilised debate.

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