Dr Blyden reveals the truth about the sale of Sierra Leone’s railway

Office of Dr. Blyden: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 August 2020:

The dialogue with Sierra Leoneans by Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden continues with the release of her Audio-003 recorded message yesterday. In this her third Audio message, she explains her desire for her Audios to last the test of time for generations yet unborn to listen and learn about what she stood for at this time in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, as a focused, visionary person with leadership qualities, firmly refuses to be distracted by all the personal attacks thrown at her but she uses the chance to state that it is “UTTER RUBBISH” to accuse her maternal grandfather, the late Professor Solomon A.J. Pratt as being the one who sold off Sierra Leone Railway.

She instead firmly and unequivocally identifies Siaka Stevens’ then Minister of Finance, the late Dr. Mohamed Sorie Forna as being the person who misled President Stevens after their clique had ensured her grandfather – Professor Solomon A.J. Pratt (Photo) was inexplicably dropped from Siaka Steven’s ministerial cabinet.

She reveals how it was long after the Railway deal had been concluded by Dr. M.S. Forna and others, that her innocent grandfather was brought back into the Cabinet almost two years later by President Stevens.

She says she has World Bank documents and will expound on this further in future audios that will variously address the APC narrative in the context of the development of Sierra Leone – a narrative that has been twisted to suit other people’s agenda.

Dr. Blyden re-issues her challenge for anybody to produce any legitimate APC press release “with a name or signature” that was issued when she was incarcerated. Keep in mind that Dr. Blyden was locked up at the CID for an unconstitutional 22 days without being charged to Court and then after she was charged, she was remanded in Jail for another 29 days totalling 51 days of detention.

Throughout that 51 days, there was no formal, signed statement of protest from APC Leadership. Never! Dr. Blyden says she knows why that is so and as time goes on, it will be made clearer and clearer to all APC Comrades what was the motivation.

Dr. Blyden speaks about Ambassador John Leigh and the SLPP Convention, and uses the chance to speak of how 15 years ago when both SLPP and APC held their delegates conferences simultaneously, Dr. Sylvia Blyden was THE ONLY JOURNALIST who used her multi-media skills to zoom the APC Convention from Port Loko to the entire world using her popular website.

She identifies that “every single photo now in existence on social media” from that September 2005 APC convention was personally taken by her and sent around the World by her.

Dr. Blyden debunks claims that she used to be a member or associate of the NRM. Infact, she says she has never even met NRM as an entity before. She recalls how in April 2018, when she took President Bio, Nfa-Alie Conteh, the SLPP and NEC to the Supreme Court to petition what she alleged as an unlawful election of Julius Maada Bio as President of Sierra Leone, the first persons who went on TV to attack her for taking that case to Supreme Court were the NRM men.

She says her Supreme Court Petition (which up to this day has never been looked into), was stronger and more watertight than the petitions which overturned the presidential elections in Kenya and Malawi but that members of NRM did not thank her for that but instead went over the media to attack her for taking President Maada Bio to Supreme Court!

Dr. Sylvia Blyden then comes to the main crux of her Audio which is a reiteration of her gratefulness for the good things done in the past by the current Ernest Koroma APC Leadership but that she is of the opinion that – enough is enough – “Good Do!”

Dr. Sylvia Blyden, reminds of how she has never used insulting abuses against any of the APC leaders in her two Audios but she now takes her time to analyze a very insulting Audio released from the Osman Yansaneh led APC Secretariat last week Thursday August 20th 2020. The audio by the “APC Chairman of Social Media Groups” named Evangelist Samson was despicably laced with gender-based insults and threats of Violence.

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden then uses her analysis of the audio of Evangelist Samson to showcase why Ernest Bai Koroma, Minkailu Mansaray, Osman Yansaneh, Elizabeth Mans, Bai Mamoud Bangura and “the whole barley lot” of the current APC National Executive should pack and go from helm of the APC as the APC deserves better than their current “weak leadership”;  and that Sierra Leone also deserves a stronger Opposition Leadership that can sustain the country’s previously very admirable democratic credentials –  credentials that have been sinking over the past two years!

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden concludes by calling for God Almighty to bless us all and by promising that Audio-004 will be released within the next 24 Hours.

To get the Sylvia Blyden Audios instantly they are released, simply add her Office number (+232-77-772001) to your WhatsApp group. We are also now actively creating multi-platform means of dissemination of her Audios.

Remember that this is a Woman who can never be swayed or intimidated by orchestrated noise of the market. The journey continues. Good day to all Sierra Leoneans and Friends of Sierra Leone.

Author:  The Office of Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Tel: (+232-77-772001)

Listen to Dr Blyden’s 3rd recording here:

You can also watch a video about the untold story of the sale of the Railway:


  1. Finally S A J Pratt has solved the riddle which has puzzled Sierra Leoneans for decades. In the process he revealed the filth and back-biting which are the norm in our nation’s politics. Within the context of the railway, we are now certain that Siaka Stevens and Albert Margai did not differ much, as well as in the way they sacked ministers.

    S A J Pratt epitomised patriotism by using his own money to further a national cause. Who else has ever done what he did? On the contrary what we have in vogue are presidents, Ministers and civil servants helping themselves to the nation’s meagre resources at sudden fancy. May the soul of Jollyboy Pratt rest in perfect peace and having a jolly good time in the spiritual world. His grand daughter, Sylvia Blyden, has picked up the torch in a different era – the era of social media, and she is shining it on those whose time is up as leaders, but do not want to budge. The unknown is too dismal and frightening for them. At the same time they don’t have any novel ideas regarding the way forward.

  2. Madam, we still need Dr Ernest Bai Koroma and the entire executive in our mighty APC. YOU CAN PACK AND GO IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WIRH THEM.

  3. Archers ignite your arrows for the days are full of treachery, hypocrisy and sorrows. Enemies of stability, continuity and progress now abound and surround us like locusts awaiting to destroy an abundant harvest; archers pull and aim for your targets without regrets. Let your gallant valiant hands become nimble, allow them not to tremble and fumble, because there are merciless enemies at our gates awaiting their humiliating fate wrapped up securely in outright decisive defeat. Archers loose! Let fly your arrows into the midst of those foxes, wolves and vampires dressed in the garments of priests and pious religious monks. Ingratitude where art thou? Wilt thou also bite with malice and spite in the darkness of night, the hands that once generously fed thee?

  4. Blyden launched her party the YPP in 2002. However she was not of age then to contest and so she appointed someone else. Whatever happened to the YPP only she knows. She tested the route to SLPP but found it very uncomfortable because the SLPP knew what she did as a NiNJA during the war days. After sensing that she would not make headway in the SLPP especially after Berewa lost the election to APC. Her tactics to join the APC then was first to attack the new APC leader with lies, fake news and what have you.

    Her journey in the APC is marred with lots of controversies. Twice she was relieved of her executive position in the government of Dr. Ernest Bia Koroma and on both occasions it was as a result of insubordination, lack of respect for her colleague. Just before the lockdown in Sierra Leone she had circulated a letter suspending her membership of the APC because her views were not incorporated in a report that a commumitee for why the party lost the election published. She never reciprocated by publishing her decision to lift herself exile from the party.

    Now the whole crux of her new front for her attack on the current leadership of the party is that they never showcase with her when she was arrested by the current Bio regime. There is a saying that when your wayward child who is known for mischief gets into trouble, as a parent you have to think twice before coming to his/her aid, lest she/he ends up embarrassing you if it turns out that he/she is the guilty party. Political party gamble for numbers. Dr. Blyden has ghost followers. No political party is going to risk annoying people who have numbers behind them for those who have ghost supporters behind them. Her path to leadership is through the APC. But she needs those with numbers to give her the chance. otherwise she is will remain in wilderness with her day dreams.

  5. I must prostrate my gratitude to Dr.Sylvia,on her prodigious challenge on the national executives of APC, the bid for presidential race is not easy.

  6. APC supporters don’t like the truth and they will never. It is too hard for someone patriotic to find a place in his/her heart, to love this party(APC). But this is the origin of the party thanks to God and Bio. Dr. Sylvia Blyden God will protect you I don’t actually understand your motive for revealing this $$$$ million dollars secret out to the media outlets, I hope the iconic musician Emmerson will pick this up and make something out of it. Take care may God continues to protect Sierra Leone

  7. Theories, Theories and Theories from one generation to the other. Enough of all this B/S. As a nation full of hate for each other yet we continue to place our purpose of moving forward to the past . A past that will never bring any good . Pettiness is overcoming or overwhelming in all political discourse.

  8. There are some people who would do and say just about anything to find some form of relevance in Sierra Leone politics today;Strangely,their moral compass has become totally dysfunctional and shockingly superannuated just like that obsolete forgotten railway the British left behind that has now become their topic of discussion.(lol) The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – its clear to me ingratitude runs in the veins of Dr Blyden. Answer – who is going to vote for this untrustworthy,two-faced woman to become the first female President of Sierra Leone?And Stargazer tell us,how did she end up LOSING her bearings so easily?

    Why is she now so insecure,wobbly and unbalanced? Well,never have i seen anyone that became so delusional,and traumatized after spending an inconsequential amount of time behind bars;It clear to me she’s an empty barrel anxiously making the most noise – a trumpet full of holes,she is,capable of creating only muddled incoherent shrieking sounds.(lol) Strangely,she believes challenging the status quo is an act that will earn her some form of honor,substance and credibility.Sadly mistaken! Ingratitude has no enviable rewards in store for its ardent and most dubious practitioners,except humiliation, shame and disgrace – And clearly contempt and disesteem are now the only promotions awaiting Slyvia Blyden.

  9. This was the Genesis of the destruction of our nation by the APC. Late Jamil Sahid Mohamed even later bought our diamond mining company ( NDMC) and the Sierra Fisheries. The APC party confiscated all his money and assets by implicating him with the fabricated coup to get rid of late Vice President F.M. Minah. After the destruction of the railway, our nation started experiencing food shortages started , and inflation started rising due to decreased exports and shortages of foreign currency . Transportation prices skyrocketed because of bad roads and many farmers moved to the mining sectors or big towns and cities.
    Let’s continue to pray that the New Direction government will think about restoring the Railway.

  10. I commend Dr. Sylvia Blyden’s current project to demolish the original foundation of the APC party which was LIES, , and HOPEFULLY rebuilt the party by not only Speaking the TRUTH but also revealing the truth about the past. As she rightly stated “ If you don’t know where you come from, you will never know where you are going” . I hope and pray that she will accomplish her mission by respectfully asking the lifetime chairman and his cabals to step aside by October which will definitely give way to the youths with fresh and renewed ideologies about true democracy. This should also be a wake up call for the SLPP and the people of Sierra Leone, because TRUTH plus TRUTH will lead to sustainable development.

  11. I personally hold Dr Blyden and any politician in Sierra Leone that advocate for peace and development and tackle the cancer of corruption, in our country in high esteem. Wouldn’t it be better if Dr Blyden pitch her stall on how to develop our country, rather take us back in her podcast, to the lost decades of the old APC rule. Sorry we all know what happened with the railways in Sierra Leone. The tracks were cut off and sold back to the Uk.

    The corruption and lack of developments all started under the Stevens government. And unfortunately its continued today. More like saying to Sierra-leoneans we don’t need or deserve the railways as a mode of transport in Sierra Leone. Hence we don’t have railways crisscrossing our country for civilian use. Forgive me Dr Blyden, if I am being cynical, but if you want to run for the presidency in 2023, why can’t you launch your own party. Given the way you were treated by the APC bigwigs,which I fully understand and sympathise with, when you were going through your trials and tribulations, I am right in suggesting, right now the way things stand, the APC party will rather have a flower pot as their candidate for the presidency than you.

    I think you will be best served if you tell the Sierra Leonean voters what are your future development plans for the country, than reminding us about all the ills our country has gone through. You are sounding like a jilted lover. And you are out to take revenge. You might have a bone to pick with the APC leadership. Right now it feels like you are doing a good job for the SLPP party. Surely President Bio and his party strategist saw it coming. Hence your unlawful arrest and incaceration. They are playing a game. Unfortunately, you and the APC party have fallen for the baits. They must be laughing their heads off.

  12. It does not make sense right now telling me about the scrapping of the railway. What Dr Sylvia Blyden did not mention was who had road haulage vehicles somewhere in Syke Street with the rhetoric “We scrap the Railway”. All those responsible for the demise of such an important asset to our country are now dead. We can no longer hold them to account. My question to everyone is this – Should Sierra Leoneans engage in discussing such a dead and heartbreaking event in our country’s history? To hell with all those responsible for scrapping our railway.

    It makes me feel SAD each time someone mention the Sierra Leone Railway. Thousands of jobs where lost. Can you imagine? God bless the SLPP party at that time for such a wonderful project envied and killed by unscrupulous politicians in both the APC and SLPP party. Nonsense!

    • My name is Sonny Josiah a Sierra Leonean residing in the US and have been watching you closely and ascertained you are a strong woman and have a very bright future but it seems you need a mentor if you are to succeed in the political arena. You are very smart and can be a very powerful and successful politician.

      My suggestion to you is to calm down, and some how take a break; leave the present political scene right now, if not you are going to ruin your future. Your political potential is overwhelming. So leave the Country and go somewhere for a while; search your mind critically; look at all the political parties and weigh up which party that will be beneficial for you with the kind of political assets inherent in you; make a decision and join that Party. When you make the decision never waiver – and follow through. Hope my humble suggestion will suffice, and thanks.

    • Its also worthy to note that as a so called patriot the Grandfather claimed to be, he was willing to “let sleeping dogs lie” when a great unjust was being done to the people and country of Sierra Leone. It is because of such silence that evil men were able to continue their works in Sierra Leone. Hence our current predicament. Cowardice? Well maybe self preservation. So really we don’t want to hear about what happened now, Way too late!

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