Brussels Airlines luggage delays – general manager clears the air

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 August 2020:

The General Manager of SN Brussels Airlines (LUFTHANSA GROUP) in Sierra Leone, Estelle Van Eeckhout, last Monday spoke about the luggage delays suffered by passengers who travelled from London to Sierra Leone on the 14 of August 2020.

She said that passengers who are making claims against the company, should ensure that they have the correct information about their luggage so that the company can speedily look into those complaints and address them promptly.

On Friday 21st August 2020, a local newspaper reported that some customers who had travelled from London to Freetown, allegedly did not receive their luggage on arrival; and that those individuals claimed that their complaints were not properly dealt with by the management of Brussels Airlines.

Estelle Van Eeckhout expressed regret for what had happened, and said that the company is investigating the matter to ensure that those luggage are found and returned to passengers.

She appealed to customers to report to Brussels Airlines through customer service either online, in person or through the company’s website, and appealed to passengers who want to log complaints against the company to have all the relevant information – such as flight number, final destination, seat number and other details.

According to Estelle Van Eeckhout, only one flight is operating from Freetown to London per week and that plans are underway to increase to two flights by September this year.

This she said should help to reduce delays in passengers receiving their luggage on arrival in Freetown. Some passengers travel with two to four luggage.

She mentioned that with more than 200 passengers on board a flight, baggage delay or loss cannot be ruled out but guaranteed that in such cases the company takes full responsibility to ensure that passengers’ luggage are traced and returned.

She also said that luggage delays have never been a problem for Brussels Airlines over the years, and that the company is known for its good customer care record. But with the corona pandemic, most flights are experiencing the same as a result of limited flights.

She assured travellers that Brussels Airlines will continue to maintain its good standards and ensure that customers’ satisfaction is highly prioritized.

Ms. Eleckout said that Brussels Airlines has always stood by Sierra Leone which is why they were the first commercial flight to start operating in Sierra Leone when the ban on air travelling was lifted, and assured of the airlines’ commitment to continue to stand by Sierra Leone at all times.

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  1. This is a surprise to me because this is one of the most reliable Airlines in the world. But these are not normal times and I am confident that they will definitely fix the problem, because their customer service is A plus.

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