Dr. Jonathan Tengbe speaks about Kandeh Yumkella’s suspension of his SLPP Flagbearership

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 July 2017

Speaking today to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Abdul Rashid Thomas, Dr Tengbe said that he fully supports yesterday’s press conference and statement published by a group of SLPP presidential aspirants in Freetown.

Dr. Tengbe was personally unable to attend the press conference, due to work commitment in Qatar. But, dispelling rumours that someone in the party had forged his signature that is appended on the press statement, he said he had authorised one of his colleagues – Umaru Bond Wurie to sign the statement on his behalf.

Dr. Tengbe (Photo) told the Sierra Leone Telegraph that he believes “it is Dr. Yumkella’s democratic right to have aspired for the SLPP presidential Flagbearership, and equally so it is his right to suspend his bid.”

However, he thinks “there is a potential conflict of interest, should Yumkella be found to be holding senior positions in two political entities.”

Dr. Tengbe also said that going forward, he “regards yesterday’s SLPP presidential aspirants’ statement as a policy statement from a Party that has suddenly realised it’s mistakes; and that the party leadership has made a commitment to its membership to work together as a unified force to resolve all issues confronting the party.”

He said he “would want the SLPP party to develop this policy statement into a Road Map and an Action Plan, which will adequately position the Party for the 2018 General Elections.”

Commenting on the 39 disputed constituency elections which the Supreme Court has recently ruled should be re-conducted, Dr. Tengbe said that “these constituency elections must be held, followed by the National Executive election and eventually the Flagbearer election – which must be organised by the new National Executive Council.”

You can listen here to Dr Tengbe speaking earlier today to Kenema Radio:


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