Dr Samura Kamara and others granted bail

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 December 2021:

High Court Judge Adrian Fisher (Photo) yesterday granted Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara and three others bail in the sum of Two Billion Leones and two sureties each, at the Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court in Freetown.

Saidu Nallo (1st accused), Adikali Foday Suma (2nd accused) Foday Vahfomba Bawoh (3rd accused), Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara (4th accused), along with Dr. Kandeh Foday Basil Kamara (5th accused) and Jules Sanders Davies (6th accused) – who are both currently out of the country, are before the court on 48 count indictments ranging from misappropriation of public funds, conspiracy to commit a corruption offence, abuse of office and other corruption related offences.

Dr. Samura Kamara (Photo) – the opposition APC presidential candidate in 2018, who is also a former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is alleged to have on a date unknown between the 1st day of January 2016 and the 30th day of April 2016, deceived the Government of Sierra Leone by giving to the Cabinet a Cabinet Paper document that he knew contained a misleading statement – that: “The Companies undertaking the renovation or constructions are reliable and were subjected to a rigorous vetting process.”

All accused persons who were represented by a battery of lawyers with the exception of the 6th accused who is not represented at this stage, denied any wrongdoing.

Following the bail applications made on their behalf, Justice Fisher admitted all four accused to bail in the sum of Two Billion Leones and two sureties each, which must be property owners in the Western Area – with one of such properties in each case valued at least One Billion Leones.

The Judge also said that each property must be registered in the name of the surety in the office of the Administrator and Registrar General and must be free from all encumbrances. Each surety must surrender the originals of all title deeds to the office of the Master and Registrar and must produce a valuation certificate confirming the valuation of the properties to be used, which must be dated within the past three months.

Justice Fisher ordered each accused person to surrender all travelling documents to the office of the Master and Registrar, forthwith as well as not to conduct any interviews with the press or comment publicly on proceedings until the end of the trial.

He used the occasion to admonish the press and members of the public to only report accurately what obtains in court in terms of the evidence given in the proceedings in general and nothing else.

“Any reporting calculated to interfere with the course of this trial would be treated as contempt of this court for which there would be penalties,” Justice Fisher warned.

Before the close of official hours yesterday, three of the accused including Dr Samura Kamara fulfilled their bail conditions with the exception of 3rd accused Foday Vahfomba Bawoh, who was sent to the Male Correctional Center.

The case was adjourned to the 5th of January for pre-trial proceedings.

Justice Adrian J. Fisher also warned the legal representatives of all accused persons and the prosecution to desist forthwith from making any statement that will politicise the Court of Law.

“This is not the Court of Politics,” he warned, “we do not practice politics here.”

His warning was prompted by a concern raised by ACC’s lead prosecutor, Calvint T Mantsebo who objected to Barrister Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK), as one of the legal representatives of Dr. Samura Kamara. He argued that J.F.K esq. is a potential additional witness for the Prosecution. But in response, Justice Fisher ruled in favour of J.F.K, referencing the Sierra Leone Legal Practitioners Act No. 47 of 2000.


  1. Oh how I miss Saidu Conteh; fambul dem this is what Saidu was warning this forum about. He used to challenge this government without fear. People of Sierra Leone, trouble DAE NA ROAD; this president only cares about staying in power, and he and his wife will do every thing possible to make it so. Oh Salone ! WAHHALA DEY !

    • I’m curious to know the outcome of the litigation against our government in New York with regards to this same building project. My only concern about this trial in Freetown is, with 25 APC lawyers representing Samura Kamara, as compared to the treason trial of Alfred Paolo Conteh who was represented by fewer lawyers, there is a tendency to make this trial a MUNKU COMICAL SHOW. My only advice for Samura Kamara is to beware , because most of them are now on celebrity mode for personal financial or political gains.

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