Parliament of Sierra Leone 2020

Parliament of Sierra Leone 2020

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  1. I can’t understand why people don’t like to say things as they see it. Bottom line, the Bio SLPP parliamentarians and the NGC are the most corrupt in our parliament. The NGC has now become the “Mr PROPER” in parliament. They have propped every single corrupt confirmation, election and controversial legislation by the Bio SLPP kakistocracy in our noble parliament. I believe, all their four seats will be wiped out by the APC in the next elections and leave them with no alternative, but to return to the SLPP, who of course will be figuring ways how to heal their wounds after that merciless and seismic election defeat in 2023. Have to!

    Talking about political ammunition that will be handed to smaller parties like the C4C? No way. The C4C already has loads of political ammunition which are presently LOADED and CHECKED. Sorry, the political targets have already been marked. All we say is this – “It’s time to take the Presidency home”. How we get there does not matter. Hon Hindolo Gevao is a SLPP party champion. I really admire him.

    To put the records straight, he calls the regime Bio SLPP and not SLPP government. That tells you all what is happening behind the scenes. I thought the writer was talking about award-winning because of selective investigation and justice. For the Bio SLPP kakistocracy, corruption is rocket science and for the APC, corruption is as simple as drinking a glass of “Palm Wine” under the JUNTA tree cover. God bless the C4C and help take the presidency home. Amen.

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