president koroma – minkailu mansaray – yansanneh

president koroma – minkailu mansaray – yansanneh


  1. I believe the people of this nation have been suffering for far too long and it is time for this particular set of people to pay back our monies. This particular set of people are wicked – a complete disgrace to this nation but We pray for God Almighty to hold them responsible for all the evil things they have been doing to us the people of this nation.

  2. EBK was simply naive. He allowed himself to be surrounded by a bunch of loonies, fraudsters and serial liars. Most of his followers were failures and politics was their rescue ship. In their strive to enrich themselves, dumped EBK’s name in the mud of stealing and misappropriation of public funds. Good examples are Kemoh Sesay, Logus Koroma, Mohamed Bangura and 10s of others. Now, God fearing EBK is innocent but has to answer so many awkward questions on missing funds, disappeared assets, unaccounted for fixed assets etc. Sad.

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