First Lady’s office clarifies Ebola statement

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 September 2014

Sia-KoromaA spokesman for the First Lady’s office in Freetown,  today told the Sierra Leone Telegraph that the First Lady – Mrs. Sia Koroma, would like to clarify any misunderstanding construed from her pre-lockdown Ebola video recorded message, published in the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

In response to the article, titled; ‘Ebola is God’s punishment for the sins of the people’, the spokesman said that:

“The First Lady wishes to inform readers that it was never the intention of the First Lady to denigrate the suffering people of Sierra Leone; nor did she intend to suggest or imply that ‘Ebola is God’s punishment for the sins of the people.’

“The First Lady is currently involved in leading the campaign for the caring of women in Sierra Leone, who have fully recovered from the Ebola disease, but are now facing serious social isolation and stigma, as well as psychological trauma.

“She wishes all the people of Sierra Leone well and appeals to everyone to work together in the fight against the Ebola virus.”

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