Former Mayor of Freetown Aki-Sawyerr embraces Freetown’s tribal, religious and cultural diversity

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 02 June 2023:

Election campaigns are picking up speed in Sierra Leone as candidates, including the President, take to the streets in efforts to woo voters ahead of elections. (Photo above: Aki-Sawyerr visiting and praying in a Mosque in Freetown during Ramadan). 

But it is the Freetown Mayoral seat – with responsibility for over 2 million people, that is becoming one of the most hotly contested in a city that represents almost every tribe in the country.

Former Mayor of Freetown – Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr says she is very proud of her work in promoting tribal, cultural and religious diversity across the city, and is hoping to build further on this work if she is re-elected.

“One of the cultural highlights of my tenure was the celebration of Freetown’s 230-year anniversary. I am thrilled that we brought the entire city together in a week of activities that included an interfaith thanksgiving service, a history symposium, street parties and a cultural parade.

“The cultural parade which was led by the 16 Tribal Heads and the president of Krio Descendants Union was an absolutely beautiful display of unity in diversity. I am grateful that I could initiate and implement those historic unifying celebrations and look forward to reintroducing annual cultural events (including our once famous lantern parades) when I am back at Freetown City Council,” Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr said yesterday.

This comes following reports that 16 tribal heads in the capital have declared their  support for the ruling SLPP Mayoral candidate – Mohamed Gento Kamara, who recently whipped up tribal and religious hate at a Mosque in Freetown where he blamed Christians for Muslims not having jobs in the country.

Presidential, General and Mayoral elections will take place in Sierra Leone on 24 June 2023.


  1. Come on guys, it is about time to say the truth about the former mayor’s 5 years in office to transform the city. As to what my eyes saw during her term in office reference to improving freetown, I am with no hesitation to say, that she hardly made any improvement to the city. Cleaning of the streets, gutters, public spaces and disposition of garbage/rubbish and the promised beautification of the city and planting of trees, all of these promises were not delivered. You may agree or disagree with me but let me bring to your attention an example referencing cleaning. Why there is always flooding in the city whenever it rains? because the gutters are clogged with long time rubbish and hence the flooding. And also less trees in and around the city contributing to flooding. She made promise to plant more trees in the city. Where are the trees? Freetown should have been a greener city with more trees within her 5 years of reign if those promised trees were planted. Freetown needs a change of leadership. Someone who talks less but his or her actions speaks volume. FREETONG NOR NEED BUKU BUKU TALK PURSON. WE NEED FOR ADVANCE DE CITY IMAGE TO THE PEOPLE EN OUTSIDE WORLD – BRING FREETONG TO LIFE. DORTY NAR WANTIN WAE DON KILL DE CITY.

  2. It is now clear that Yvonne Aki-Sawyer the favourite will be re-elected as mayor of Freetown on the 24th June.
    She has a strategy and the experience in raising funds to address some of the challenges like sustainable waste management amongst others. Yvonne is tried and tested unlike Gento who has no clear strategy for freetown.

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