president koroma and his apc party leadership

president koroma and his apc party leadership


  1. Like father like son, we are all sons and daughters of both political parties. We are our own enemies of progress. Stop the nonsense and think of the way forward – you sons of corrupt politicians.

  2. Saidu Conteh, you are one of the most unpatriotic citizens of this country. This country needs to set a precedence. These scoundrels should be punished more than that. I used to see the convoy to Makeni every weekend with the sealed black bank pick-up to enjoy themselves. This stop! If I had the authority I will expel them from this country which they hate so much.

  3. Strange is it not, that most Sierra Leoneans, are still struggling like toddlers, trying to grasp and figure out the main differences between their knees and their elbows? Come on, knees and elbows are not the same thing! To all those pointing fingers at the.

    APC, I ask you – what were your family members, grandparents and parents doing when the APC was squeezing water out of stone to make ends meet and keep this sinking nation afloat? Meal after meal, they gobbled and swallowed, what came from stress, sacrifices, shrewdness and empathy of the APC. Now here they are, pointing their silly tribalistic fingers.

    And why didn’t your grandparents do something about the APC if they thought the country was not moving forward but being destroyed? Why didn’t they take the same bold, gutsy, audacious risks like those of the legendary APC, that threw itself into the lions den times without number, to keep the children of this nation alive and well? Cowards!

    You think you are strong, courageous and smart enough to destroy the APC and reduce its foundations to rubble? Sadly mistaken! Had it not been by the mercy of the Almighty and then the thoughtfulness of APC, you would have been begging for scraps from other nations far worse than you are doing right now. This is madness! They sat and drank countless jugs and kegs of Palm wine, lazing around doing nothing, engaging themselves in unruliness, rowdiness and endless orgies and debaucheries, whilst Old Stevens and his men travelled in the dark. They got stranded in the icy coldness of frightening economic downpours and storms, thirsting in unforgivable terrains and barren deserts, trying to keep the flames of hope in this nation, always burning and alive.

    The APC is going nowhere, deal with it. And remember to tread cautiously on thin ice, where you are standing presently. One false noisy, silly move, will be enough to awaken ferocious and merciless lions who have long been quietly fast asleep. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  4. Let the law take its course, so that others would be afraid of misusing government resources.

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