Former President Koroma makes second appearance at CID today

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 December 2023:

Ernest Bai Koroma, a former president of Sierra Leone from 2007 to 2018, was at the Criminal Investigations Department in Freetown yesterday, where he was questioned by police about an armed attack by persons suspected by the government to have attempted to overthrow the Bio-led government on 26 November 2023.

Koroma was accompanied to the CID by lawyers, including former Attorney General of Sierra Leone – Joseph F Kamara.

After several hours at the CID, the former president returned to his home at Femi Turner Drive in the far West of Freetown, where armed government security presence are guaranteeing his safety.

Writing on Twitter yesterday immediately on arriving at home, the former President said: “As a follow-up to the regrettable and tragic events of November 26, which I vehemently condemn, I travelled to Freetown last evening in response to a police invitation.

“This morning, I reported to the Criminal Investigation Department for interrogation. I have returned home after the interview with the police, who were professional in their interaction.

“The interview is set to continue tomorrow. As expressed in my public statements, I maintain an open mind, place my trust in due process and the rule of law to prevail. Profound thanks to all well-wishers for their support.”

In another, though separate development yesterday, the former president Koroma and his APC party’s 2018 and 2023 presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara, lost their respective appeal hearing against the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the abuse of authority in the sale of government shares in the Sierra Rutile company and the Sewa Grounds Market.

Ernest Bai Koroma has been fined $130,000 and Le300million; and Samura Kamara – $70,000 and Le250 million. They are required to make full and final settlement by next Friday 16 December 2023.

Yesterday the minister of information – Chernor Bah confirmed that former President Koroma has not been placed under house arrest, contrary to allegations on various media platforms.

Ernest Bai Koroma will be at the CID today to continue his questioning by the police over the alleged attempted coup and his relationships with those suspected of taking part in the armed attack of 26 November 2023.

There are concerns that many individuals in the main opposition APC will be arrested and accused of involvement in the alleged attempted coup, simply by their association with suspects. Guilty by association is fast becoming the modus operandi of the security forces in Sierra Leone, rather than legal due process.


  1. I am afraid because the SLP and all other institutions in Sierra Leone are being politicized in this country. President Bio has publicly and openly expressed how he never trusted his Former Head of State as a genuine or a patriotic citizen. So I wonder if Koroma will survive this. I wish for the best result. I am praying for that day when the judiciary in my country will operate independently.

  2. What we should be concerned about is what was the intention of those who planned and executed the crime that took place on the 26th of November and not their achievements which is irrelevant.
    As Sierra Leoneans we should have a nation first ideology, “Nationalism”.

    I get it that the rule of law can be skewed in favour of those in power but we should all like the former president keep an open mind. Politics has divided us to an extent that we spend considerable time bashing each other in favour of political parties and leaders who have woefully failed our nation. We are yet to have a transformational leader that can turn Sierra Leone around.

    The same challenges we witnessed over 50 years ago still exists with poor infrastructure, low unemployment, low productivity and the list goes on.
    Let the investigation of the former President and others continue as the nation is keen to know what really happened on that fateful day.

    It is a reminder that we are all liable for our actions and decisions irrespective of our status in society.

  3. There are many strands or elements in the Earnest Koroma catastrophe, some of which will forever remain obscure. Perhaps the most glaring one was when Earnest single-handedly nominated Samura Kamara in 2018 to be the flag bearer for the presidency. This move discarded all democratic processes within the party and subjected it to disunity and recriminations – they weakened and blinded APC to allow Bio time to put structures in place to rig the elections of almost six months ago. All observers, both local and foreign, declared the elections to be fraudulent. The European Union has produced a damning report to that effect, and the United States’ Government has refused to hand over half a billion dollars to the Bio government under MCC.

    Had Earnest allowed a democratic process for the flag bearer, APC would have beaten SLPP in the first round in 2018 because of complete unity in the party . Now, in 2023 , Bio is using all nasty tactics to hold on to power, which includes mass killings and intimidation, and APC lack the leadership in Samura to stand up to him. Earnest shot himself in the foot in 2018 and the wound has now festered. By stage- managing a coup and resurrecting the findings of COI Bio has Earnest and APC in his grip, with his thugs ready to kill all perceived opponents. If a commission of inquiry is held now, only a fool can think that Bio and his gangsters will be found clean. I weep for my mother Sierra Leone.

    • Power is not a game. Its not fun or a notion of being smart. Ernest made his bed, now he has to lie on it. Mistake no 1: he tampered with the constitution to change the role of the Speaker. That came back to haunt the APC, when they were kicked out of their parliamentary majority.

      He surrounded himself with family and friends in positions of power. Classic mistake. They have all sold him out.

      He did not build up power bases by delegation, he centralised everything, which means if you take out Ernest, the APC is finished.

      Finally, the focus of the APC is Ernest, while the focus of the SLPP is the South and the East. Maada is just the embodiment of that focus. If Maada goes, he can be replaced, while APC has been so hamstrung that they are ineffective.

      Ernest Koroma na munku, wey feel say e smart. Now he pays the price for his lack of foresight and greed. Den say power, you say big house na Makeni

    • I beg for God sake let’s speak or say the truth, also one thing we have to understand is, this platform has became worldwide reading forum. So whatever we as the Sierra Leoneans posted to this forum, the outsiders would analized, to see our thinkings and how far we are seeing the fact. Let all Sierra Leoneans sit down and search our souls, a former respectable and honored state-man like Ernest Koroma, should have not even encourage these (rats) we called Leather boot and Koita to mess up his legacy. Don’t you believe that, these guys not even qualifies to clean his shoes, let alone sitting down in one place discussed something nonsense with them? come on fellow, let’s not trying to hide behind our fingers.

      Today, Ernest being accused of the most suspected plotters to overthrow the Bio’s led government, what happened 26, of November 2023, it’s unheard of. I, Brima Sesay never in my life voted SLPP, but Ernest behavior in 2015 to threw away my vote, unlawfully firing my fine Vice President ” H.E Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana” out of office for no good reasons, I developed hate for APC party forever and nothing will change that.

      All APC alagbas sitting, watching Ernest destroying the party without challenge. Today again instead of APC tries to defend their party, they have yet again started defending Ernest Koroma. If Koroma can remove his Vice president and replaced him with a convicted felon, what else? Ernest was given a long rope to fly on all the time as he likes, thinking like he owns the whole of Sierra Leone, he won’t survive this. I hope not.

  4. I think President bio is not a peace loving sierra Leonean president koroma is the best President ever since the history of Sierra Leone and he is presently loved by the people more than you. Please becareful of whatever you are doing

  5. “I maintain an open mind, place my trust in due process and the rule of law to prevail.”
    But, Will Godless “Due Process” and Godless “Rule Of Law” Save Former President Ernest Koroma?

  6. Are we finally seeing the beginning of the end of Ernest Bai Koroma’s career as a prominent figure in African politics? Well, if the unfolding events in Sierra Leone are anything to go by, the once powerful two-time president of Sierra Leone, who often found himself in the company of such illustrious former presidents as Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan would in the near future find a home in a dingy cell in Pademba Road.

    The problem is, although Ernest Koroma graduated from Fourah Bay College and went on to become a member of parliament and president of Sierra Leone thereafter, the thuggish life in him never disappeared. He continued to be in the company of such notorious thugs as the late Leatherboot, Amadu Koita, Yaete Yaete, the oft on the run, mammy-cussing Adebayor, and many other dark and shady characters. There are unconfirmed reports that some of these bad guys often hung out at Koroma’s home at Femi Turner Drive. Evidently, this cannot be a case of when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Like Leatherboot, Koita and Yaete Yaete, Koroma is a dog who was foisted on Sierra Leone by a political party with a strong taste for a street corner value system of existence.

    But a smart former president could have congratulated his successor and retired peacefully like the likes of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, Goodluck Jonathan, Olusegun Obasanjo, and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. It turns out that is not the fundamental character of the former president. Koroma is a violent man with an insatiable appetite for power and money. Expectedly, he has kept himself at the center of APC politics, and in the process, has continued to manipulate the direction of the party. Koroma believes that APC’s eventual electoral victory would allow him to serve a third term presidency unofficially and indirectly.

    Well, things seem to have bottomed out. Koroma has fallen afoul of the law and is now helping with police investigations into the November 26 failed coup. But his best friends in police custody are seemingly not helping. Not only are they singing but there are also unconfirmed reports that confiscated cellphones from Koita and others contain damaging information on Ernest Koroma relative to the failed coup. Oh, how fast the mighty have fallen.

  7. Former president has so many questions to answer and may even be guilty by association. He has long been allowing violent extremists within his circle. In the west For example if a group of friends agree to go to meet a rival group to have a fight, or sort out an issue, and one of the group unbeknown to the others has a knife, and uses it to fatally injure someone, all of the group could be charged with murder. The same is embedded in our law and he maybe found guilty or not. But the investigation should be allow to go on without prejudice.

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