Former president Koroma must cooperate fully with corruption investigations

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 October 2020:

The Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) yesterday urged Sierra Leoneans to demonstrate unwavering support for ongoing anti-corruption efforts in the country. Writing in a statement published yesterday, CARL said that the scourge of corruption remains a binding constraint to the country’s developmental aspirations.

“Corruption has inflicted unquantifiable damage to our country since Independence, and sadly, it is still prevalent and pervasive. There is no doubt, however, that if we work cooperatively, we can minimize the scourge of corruption through various measures of education, prevention, investigation and resolution”, said Ibrahim Tommy, Executive Director of Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law.

“Our attention has also been drawn to the ongoing investigation of former government officials by the Anti-Corruption Commission, including former President Koroma.

“We believe that as a former president of our country he deserves all the respect our laws and customs confer on him.

“Similarly, as a law-abiding citizen, we respectfully urge him to cooperate fully with ongoing investigations into his 11-year stewardship as President of Sierra Leone, including by availing himself at the offices of the Anti-Corruption Commission whenever he is required to do so.

“We remind the leadership and staff of the ACC of the need to treat him fairly and respectfully, having regard to his rights under the constitution. We also urge members of his family and supporters to remain calm and peaceful, as we will continue to monitor the process to ensure that his rights are fully respected,” the statement reads.




  1. Mr Matturi, kakistocracy was taken to the extreme by the APC administration of Ernest Koroma. Wait, you will be shamed when offshore bank accounts are exposed by the US department of Treasury. Like President Buhari, Sierra Leone will recoup most of the stolen monies. You will run but you can’t hide brother. Instead of being “shambolic’, I hope you will manufacture another meaningless and substandard word to apply to the mess you and your handlers will find yourselves in.

  2. Who is next after Chief Sam Sumana and the APC Leader Dr Ernest Bai Koroma? Is Dr Samura Kamara next? God guide, protect and bless Dr Samura Kamara and the APC Leadership. Amen and Amen.

    • Mr. Tommy seems to be missing in action here. You are damn hypocrite. Is there anything called accountability and rule of law and order in Sierra Leone at all? Mr. Tommy, do you think your bogus kangaroo commission of enquiry was set up in good faith at all, using or allowing all the inter-party proposed instruments to be used in order to foster cohesion. Where was Tommy when over 100 innocent prisoners were all gunned down at the Pademba road prison. Where was Tommy when SLPP escalated their level of thuggery against innocent Sierra Leoneans. The killings in Makeni, Lunsar, Tonko Limba, mile 91, to name but a few, where Was Tommy and your so-called civil society organisation?

    • O my brother I do admire your loyalty to these two fine people, Chief Sam Sumana and Pa Ernest B. Koroma, but the greatest loyalty goes to Chief Sam Sumana. That is the way a man should be and continue doing so. You will be blessed one day. Though the politicians are not 100 percent reliable, but good luck.

  3. Bravo to you and congratulations to Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the President of the Republic of Makeni. Now not only the Sierra Leoneans but the whole world, and now the world had come to understand that, only EBK I meant EBK is above the law of the land. I personally see no reasons why the former President should reject to appear for interviews instead, he connived and organized street boys, to demonstrate not to allow him to show up respectively for the invitation. Folks let me remind you that, the most violence orchestrator in the country today is EBK no doubt.

    The society called themselves” SOKOBANA” demonstrating on the street, these are the same people that were running like a wolf after Makeni City and it’s surroundings were attacked and invaded by the rebels in the 90s. It is surprising to me seeing the guys today with no shame or modesty. Where were you when Makeni was invaded and you didn’t use your power and the city against the enemies?. My belief is they are all cowards not Patriots to the nation period. As matter of fact, for EBK he knows the power of government, he was there for a very long time, 11 years folks! We are all praying not to trigger another war, folks; don’t be fooled by anyone, I swear to God if the government gets ready to isolate Makeni to get who they wanted, it won’t take them hours.

    This is the main reason why Ernest refuses to step aside and has appointed himself as a life chairman to protect himself from arrest, I don’t know why people are so dumb! Do they really have their five senses?. Who do you think will suffer the consequences if war breaks out in Makeni? Are you sacrificing your life for these politicians while their children are receiving a better education abroad? What’s actually going wrong with you folks?.

    EBK’s time is over and he will never be President again for Sierra Leone, so what does he want again? Ernest you were elected President and ruled the country for 11 good years; nobody attempted to hinder your government. Why won’t you give that same chance and opportunity to Maada Bio to govern easily? President Kabba never attempted to hinder yours. Can Bio act
    quickly to save Sierra Leone? I rest my case. May God help and protect my country.

  4. Sahr Matturi, Since you are now focused on names rather than important issues in this critical moment of our country, based on your opinions which I respect because you are always entitled to, l will advise you to join the ranks of Joh Fornah alias Young4na or Saidu Conteh alias Stargazer, which at least will protect your real name from the amount of scrutiny and backlash you are now facing on this glorious forum. Defending the lifetime chairman of the corruption and destructive APC party, who is now a Spineless coward that is scared of the ACC is very unpatriotic. Just in case you need any help finding a pseudo name, please let me know.

    • Are you talking about the Bio SLPP kakistocracy operatives Mr Alusine Fallay? Give me one example of the so called backlash on this glorious platform against me, Mr Alusine Fallay. You now seem to be on the receiving end of this debate, because the Bio SLPP kakistocracy has nothing to offer you people to go on the attack, more than two wasteful years. Really sad.

      What you are saying is a sign of weakness in my view. Backlash or no backlash, I don’t care. I care about one thing and that is to make sure the Presidency goes home safe and sound. Period. How we get there does not matter. Are you angry about names? Or, are you just tormented by the happiness of others praising their men. Words like kakistocracy, the greatest Commander ever etc are going to stay until we kick their butts out of power in 2023. Finally, thank you very much Mr Alusine Fallay for your thoughts.

  5. The greatest former Commander Of Thieves Chief ever, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. I hope CARL and the ACC will do due diligence and bring them all to book. God bless my beloved Country Sierra Leone

    • Is Mr Africanus a hit and runaway forumite? No time to waste on Mr Africanus, I reckon. We have serious issues to discuss on this glorious platform, which I’m absolutely dedicated doing. Expose the mess accumulated by the Bio SLPP kakistocracy, who unfortunately, have hijacked the SLPP party. I remember reading about the Roman General Scipio Africanus. May I ask Mr Africanus if he is from Italy? Because, I want to know his first name. Maybe, I’m dealing with my former friend Sergio Africanus. Hear Mr Africanus, somewhere on planet earth, trying to get my attention and at the same time, trying to distract me from the subject matter.

  6. CARL has been objective in all its dealings. So Mr. Matturi what are you talking? This country is a democratic state ok. Telling your so called Commander chief of staff to stay at home is very unhealthy for you and the country at large.

    • As you rightly said Mr Ibrahim Sesay – “This country is a democratic state OK”. I know you are a strong supporter of the Bio SLPP kakistocracy. I have no problems with that. All I know is this – Our greatest former Commander in Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces ever and of course the “Peoples Commander”, has lawyers to engage with the corrupt and selective justice ACC on any Chicken Talk on his behalf. What is wrong with that Mr Ibrahim Sesay. No need for him to waste his pressure time on a shambolic matter. I believe , that CARL has been inept in its judgement on this particular issue. Discuss Mr. Ibrahim Sesay. Set a thief to catch a thief is not going to work. You can’t establish a COI on corruption, whilst you have been in a corrupt den in the past, raping our economy. No way. God help Mr Ibrahim Sesay continue his defense for the inept attitude of CARL.

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