Former President Koroma will not put his name forward for the 2023 Presidential election

Office of H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6th January 2022:

The attention of the Office of Former President Koroma has been drawn to a certain social media campaign, purportedly appealing to the statesman to stay on and to contest the 2023 presidential election.

The public is hereby informed that Ex – President Koroma, being the distinguished democrat he is, is not in any shape or form associated with those calls and has no such intentions.

President Koroma appreciates the fact that many Sierra Leoneans are yearning for his good governance and inclusive leadership. However, the well-regarded statesman believes that he has served his country well within the constitutional two terms limit.

“I have played my part and bowed out gracefully. While I stand ready to support genuine efforts for peace, national cohesion and economic development; I am now focused on supporting our regional, continental and global efforts on peace, good governance and environmental protection,” Ex -president Koroma asserted.

Meanwhile, former President Koroma commends the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Dr Babatunde Ahonsi, on his call to “put Sierra Leone first” and his expressed determination to “directly support efforts for peaceful and credible elections”.

Ex -President Koroma therefore seizes this moment to entreat all Sierra Leoneans to fully participate in the forthcoming electoral processes and in choosing who their next leaders should be. This includes making sure that their civic rights to vote is respected, that they actually take the necessary steps to cast their votes and then ensure that their votes are counted.

Once again, former President Koroma wishes Sierra Leone a peaceful and successful 2022.


  1. Wise man! Good decision in Sierra Leone’s and his interests. Does APC currently have an untainted – no member of the last EBK clique at home in Sierra Leone or in the Diaspora and no sycophants – and credible successor to compete against current President Maada Bio?

    Our nation is watching and waiting! My first book/booklet/novello titled “ANTIWASTEFULNESS and ANTICOVID Etc.” may be published this year – currently still with London publishers! I have started working on the second one titled “FOREIGN AID – blessing or curse”.
    Seton During, London, UK.

  2. Apart from some members of the APC rank and file who cares whether Earnest Koroma runs for the presidency I 2023 or does not run, or that he is retiring from active politics? He presided over a corrupt government revealed by the Commission of Inquiry. He would sack corrupt ministers only to bring them back when the nation was inattentive. Remember Logus Koroma with inauguration funds? Remember Kemor Sesay and the plane issue? Remember Alpha Kanu and the Haj conundrum? Remember Afsatu Kabba at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources? Can anyone name me a single person in the Koroma government, other than Sylvia Blyden, who came out clean at the Commission of Inquiry?

    The revelations at COI were so alarming that the Nigerian Jurist at one point described the Koroma administration as turning the nation’s bank into a “piggy bank “. What’s the difference between the current SLPP government and the former APC government? According to the Secretary General of APC, Foday Yansaneh, the difference is that SLPP “have taken corruption to an unprecedented level “.

    What more evidence do we need as a people that SLPP and APC have to go to give NGC a chance? Let’s don’t forget that Earnest did toy with the idea of a third term to quench his thirst for power but for the public outcry. He therefore discarded all APC democratic procedures to impose Samura Kamara as the party’s flag bearer in 2018, a deceptive move for a third term. Remember Siaka Stevens and Momoh in 1985? There is no democracy in SLPP and APC and we expect them to spread it around the nation. You don’t give what you don’t have.

  3. Alhamdu lillah; brothers and sisters, don’t buy this statements even if it cost you a dime penny. In the late 2018 presidential election, the former President H.E. was the secret candidate folks!, Dr. Samura Kamara was just a bull crap behind him , that’s why he failed to occupy the state house and look what happened; they endured a heavy wave lose. This is another huge lie, who created another web, disguising him/herself inviting the Ex-stateman to contest for come 2023 presidential election? well if this fact, it shows that there are many cracks in the APC party right now. Congratulations!! to H.E. blessed President Bio for his decisive second term victory. VP, Alhaji Sam Samuel Sumana; if I were you, this should be your best time to sit down and relax, let no one fools you around, APC party and supporters have no love for you I am sorry to say this in your face.
    My question again after all what EBK antagonized with the broken promises, I am going to run this country as a business concerns, instead of saying( I am going to run it to enriched myself). He smashed a law that he didn’t even legislated, sacking and firing a sitting Vice President unlawfully in another word unconstitutionally, the whole region get vexed the man wasn’t even care then, someone really wants that man in power again?, folks I don’t buy it at all, and I’m advising you also not to. Koroma will not put his name forward for the 2023 presidential election o my goodness, but the man is still the life chairman of the APC party, I hope that the voters watch their steps. I believe either your uncles or cousins are not lettered to read this article, so please help them out to get understanding. APC will never hurt Kono man again. Stay tune

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