Freetown City Council supports victims of 21st December Sani Abacha Street container accident

FCC Communications: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 December 2023:

On the evening of Thursday 21st December, the brakes of a 40 ft container failed and the vehicle drove into crowds of pedestrians and traders on Sani Abacha Street, leaving 3 dead and 22 injured.

The following day, the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, the Chief Administrator and a cross section of Councillors and Staff of the Freetown City Council visited the disaster site and the injured who had been admitted at Connaught Hospital.

Yesterday Councillor Unisa Kamara, Chairman of the FCC Climate Change & Disaster Management Committee, the FCC Disaster Management Unit Head Gabriel Halloway, National Traders Council Executive members and the Abacha Street Chairlady and her team, attended the funeral in Funkia of 37 year old Kadiatu Sesay who was passing by when she was hit and killed by the container.

Today Mayor Aki-Sawyerr joined the team to visit the bereaved family of 20 year old Fatmata Kargbo who was a promising nursing student. May their souls rest in peace. The pain of the bereaved family members was palpable.

Over the course of the past two days the combined team has also visited the injured in hospital or at home.

As a token of care and concern, Freetown City Council made a donation of NLe5,000 each to the bereaved families, NLe3,000 each to 9 victims who were hospitalised and NLe1,500 to 3 victims identified as hospital outpatients.

From everything we have heard from the victims and their families since the disaster happened, the most important action is not the visits or the financial support, welcome as these are, the most important action is for Freetown City Council  to support the relevant MDAs (particularly the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority “SLRSA”) to implement laws and policies that will prevent the repeat of tragic accidents like this one.

Freetown City Council looks forward to imminent and constructive engagements with the relevant authorities and we stand ready to collaborate with and support them in any way we can in order to protect the lives of Freetonians.


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