Freetown Flood Disaster Emergency Appeal

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 August 2017

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has launched an Emergency Appeal to raise at least £50,000 to help victims of the flooding disaster which happened today 14th August 2017 in Freetown, through the Just Giving Crowd Funding Website. Please follow this link to make a donation:

About the Freetown Flood Disaster Emergency Appeal:   

We are raising £50,000 to help victims of the massive flooding in Freetown, Sierra Leone which has taken the lives of hundreds of people, with thousands homeless.

All funds donated will be channeled to the victims through the International Humanitarian Organisations that are working hard in Sierra Leone to save lives, improve quality of life, reduce poverty and take better care of the environment.

Heavy rains in the West African city of Freetown in Sierra Leone, have caused major landslides in various parts of the city. Over 350 unidentified remains have been taken to the Connaught Hospital mortuary. Over 100 of the more than 350 dead are children.

Over 1,000 homes have been covered in deep mud with people stranded inside. Emergency services are trying hard to rescue people trapped in their homes, but with great difficulty.

Fifteen years ago, saw the end of a deadly ten year rebel war, which left over 100,000 dead and thousands of people homeless – living in shanty huts.

Then came the deadly Ebola virus in 2014, which took the lives of over 4,000 people. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest nations in the world, with most people earning less than 60 British Pence a day. More than 40% of newly born children will not live to see their fifth birthday; and over 30% of pregnant women die during or after child birth.

And now heavy rains have taken its toll on a nation that is almost collapsing under the weight of poverty.

The landslides which took place last night and this morning – 14th August 2017, have left thousands of people homeless, with hundreds dead. Food, clean drinking water, and clothing are now needed to help those that have lost everything. This is why I am asking for your kind donation to help those people.

Please give generously to help the Freetown Flood Victims:



    Let us pray to God for this country because too many times flooding is taking place in Freetown.

    But this kind of flooding in Freetown is too much for we the people of Freetown.

    Father God, I pray that, whatever sin we have commited against you, have mercy on us in Sierra Leone so that this kind of flooding will not take place any more in this country.

  2. Please help to donate for those that have lost their parents, friends, love ones and even a relatives.

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