Heavy rain in Freetown causing major destruction – emergency warning issued

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 August 2017

Heavy rains in Freetown have led to landslide in the vicinity of Guma in Regent and Mortema.

Over 200 unidentified remains are reported to have been taken to the Connaught hospital mortuary. 60 of the 200 dead are said to be children

[videopress 1bHfMtHE]

Over 100 people are believed to have been confirmed dead at Regent land slide. There is unconfirmed heavy death toll in the Mortema area around the SS camp, Regent where more than 50 people are believed dead.

Several houses are covered in deep mud with people stranded inside. Emergency services are trying hard to rescue people trapped in their homes, but with great difficulty.

Also a road linking Regent village and Jui has been cut in two, with vehicle traffic now severely restricted. Other areas of Freetown that are seriously affected are: Kissy Brook and Dworzak Farm communities.

More than 500 homes in the Babadorie and Kanigo communities are said to have been lost.

The army has joined the police and survivors in helpimg to rescue people and recover the dead.

SOS Alert – There has been a major landslide at Regent – near the GUMA reservoir area.

According to eyewitness reports, a section of the hill has collapsed and several houses affected.

Be exceptionally careful when driving to work this morning.

It’s raining heavily and visibility is very poor, especially for those living up the hills.

“This is absolutely terrible. Oh my God! Please let us pray that none of our brothers, sisters and children will lose their life in this very sad incident. Property can be replaced even though painful, as memory is lost. But life cannot be replaced. Lord have mercy on our people,” one pungent comment on social media.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph will update you on this very serious and fast developing emergency in Freetown, as we get the latest information.


  1. Whenever we are on the news is about something sad and deadly but one day the sun will shine on us.

    Allah you are the only one who has the answer to our problems. Please help us; please grant those who lost their lives, heaven, and help the rest of us to love and value one another.

  2. My deepest sympathy to all the families that may have suffered losses in this tragic event and may the souls of all that are dead, rest in perfect peace. I also pray for the speedy recovery of those that are hospitalized.

  3. Oh God, let your will be done in our country and may all those who lost their lives rest in peace.
    And please let everyone be aware when it raining…BE SAFE..

  4. We need to pray to the Almighty for forgiveness. If not, God is really angry with us in this our beloved country. Our leaders are really not honest with us. Let us forgive them and also ask God to forgive them for what they have done to us. Thank you God Thank you Jesus.



  6. Oh death!
    God promised us not to destroy this earth with water, why then are our people dying with this kind of incidents?

    May the souls of those who lost their lives and the souls of all faithfully departed rest in perfect peace until we meet again.

  7. May God Have Mercy On Mama Salone, As Most Of Our Brothers And Sisters Have Lost Their Lives In This Mud Slides. May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

  8. May the almighty protect our lovely motherland. Rest in perfect peace my sisters, brothers, mothers,fathers and children.

  9. In the name of Allah, today we are standing next to our friends who are no more with us. We never ever expected that we would be having this day in our lives but that

    What is life. It is unpredictable, uncertain, what we expect and what we face. Let us remember that they that love beyond the world, can´t be separated.

    Death can´t kill what never dies. Nor can spirits ever be divided that which love and live in the same Divine Principle – the root and record of friendship. death is but crossing the world, as Friends to the seas; they leave one another still.

    I would like to say sorry to the departed souls and their families. May Allah bless their souls. Rest in peace. AMEN.

  10. Another sad day to remember in the life and times of our beloved country Sierra Leone. May the departed souls rest in peace. #Pray4SierraLeone

  11. It is not the heavy rain only that caused the landslide; the deforestation and rapid building of houses with no thought of drainage planning in the area around IMATT has caused this.
    It is going to get worse.

    • They were like us and we Will be like them.We love them but God love them more than us. May there souls have eternal rest in heaven.( Amen)

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