Freetown gets a new City Hall at a cost of $48 million

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 August 2020:

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development – Tamba Lamina, last Thursday led a conducted tour of the newly constructed Freetown City Council Administrative Complex, after three years of construction initiated by the former APC government.

The massive building which graces Freetown’s skyline is fifteen-storey tall and has been built to house the entire Freetown City Council’s administrative functions and staff.

The construction of the building started in October 2017 after former president Koroma turned the sods; and is expected to be completed in November 2020.

The Mayor of the Freetown City Council Mrs Yvonne Aki Sawyerr and the Korean engineers led the tour of the building by minister Lamina, starting from the ground floor right up to the fifteenth.

The new City Hall Complex consists of  conference rooms, 461 seater conference hall for multifunctional activities with the latest technology, an underground power station consisting of two 800KVA Generators, and a car parking lot to cater for over 100 vehicles – all at a total cost of $48,730,000.

Many in Sierra Leone are asking whether this is good longterm investment for a city of over two million people – most of whom do not have access to clean drinking water, nor reliable supply of electricty; poor sanitation, and massive youth unemployment,


  1. Freetown gets a new City Hall at a cost of USD 48 million. The Mammy Yoko Hotel cost USD 27 million during OAU meeting in Sierra Leone. Which is better value?

    • 27m then cannot be compared to 48m after several years because of time value of money. first convert the 27m to know its worth, and then you can proceed from that point.

  2. They know so much about London City Hall and how much it costs!…we want our city to look like London too. So we do not kill ourselves to migrate to London. Some educated “brilliant” Sierra Leoneans will remain backward forever more and go down in their backwardness. There were still poor and homeless people in London and elsewhere when those fantastic landmarks rose from the ground that we admire today, when we travel to other people’s countries. There are still no homeless people in Sierra Leone. Every man has a roof over his head, even if it were a grass-thatch roof. Pray, the Mayor and her team enforce a religiously immaculate cleaning culture to maintain that imposing edifice.

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