rioting and shooting at pademba road prison 3

rioting and shooting at pademba road prison 3


  1. Exactly Gloria. That’s the reason most of us are blaming the APC government for failing to put a system in place that would have prevented occurrences like this. Sad.

    • Hold on a moment. Live ammunition was fired at unarmed prisoners by security forces under orders and you are talking about APC. Please do not insult my intelligence.

  2. I don’t think this is fair on anyone, its inhumane. These are humans and citizens, no matter what crime you may think they have committed, its totally unacceptable. And it’s a violation of human rights.

    • There is a political problem between the two parties. They have to work together. The president has team assigned to do services. Where are they and to whom do they report to when things go wrong? No matter what the case Freedom, Justice, and unity is not there and its not practiced. Problem. Our children and grand children are SAD.

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