Gipu Felix-George laid to rest – gone too soon

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 May 2019:

Sierra Leone’s veteran radio and TV broadcaster – Mr Gipu Leroy Felix-George was laid to rest yesterday, Friday 24 May 2019, in his adopted home city of Manchester UK, at a well-attended funeral, which was witnessed by a large cross section of Sierra Leone’s socialites from across the UK, family members, friends and well-wishers.

It was an exceptionally sunny and warm Manchester that waved goodbye to Gipu yesterday. His funeral service took place at the Whalley Range Methodist Church, with tributes pouring in from all those who knew him well.

His wife Fanny Anne (Photo Below) spoke of their many years of happiness together, dedication and love for one another, and a memorable journey through life as husband and wife, that has now been ended by the Almighty to whom all shall one day return.

His APC Party UK comrades were there in full strength to honour a fallen hero. Represented by the party’s executive committee and senior APC party grandees – Mrs Sylvia E. Jolliminah Blyden (Photo below) and Dr. Seray-Wurie.

Members of the Sierra Leone Grammar School Old Boys Association (UK) sang their school song (Photo below), and formed a guard of honour as Gipu was taken away from the church to be laid to rest at Manchester’s Southern Cemetery.

There was a dignified and serene atmosphere of celebration, marking the end of an era for one of Sierra Leone’s brightest stars in broadcasting – just as Gipu would have wanted.

The Editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph and Chairman of the Sierra Leone Poverty Alleviation Charitable Trust (SALPACT) – Mr. Abdul Rashid Thomas, said in his tribute read at the church in honour of Gipu (Photo below):

“When my wife and I called Gipu a couple of months ago, we spoke about the African Excellence Awards Ceremony held in Leeds, where he was to have received his distinguishing award for service and dedication to broadcasting in Sierra Leone.

“He felt sad he was unable to personally collect his award. But above all, he felt even worse for not being able to attend along with his dear wife Fanny-Anne, to perform the task of Master of Ceremonies for the event.

“But, Gipu’s wit throughout our conversation was all too typical of a man whose sense of humour, can pierce through the walls of sadness and despondence, as we marvelled with astonishment, at Gipu’s strength of character in the face of adversity.

“Despite his deteriorating health, Gipu never lost his sense of humour, nor did he want us to wallow in sadness, at what he regarded as the will of God – the ephemeral nature of life and the beyondness of all things temporal.

“His profound faith in God, gave him the strength to fight a tough battle with his illness. But never once, did he lose his humanity or dignity. Gipu had immense generosity of spirit. At a time when most people in similar condition will become insular, self-consuming, he reached out.

“When I along with the Trustees of SALPACT were planning the African Excellence Awards event, we decided with no hesitation to approach Gipu, to ask whether he could take on the role of Master of Ceremonies for the event.

“But as the date for the event drew closer, and Gipu’s health was still a question, the Trustees became worried we may not have an MC for the event, given his condition.

“We spoke to Gipu again and asked him whether he thought we should find someone else, to stand in as MC. Gipu was still adamant he could do it for us. But somehow, we knew he will not be strong enough to make it across to Leeds, to perform such a difficult task. Gipu did not want to disappoint us.

“Sadly, though not unsurprisingly, Gipu was unable to attend to grace our event with his presence; nor was he able to be there to receive his Award, which was collected on his behalf by Sylvester During.

“A few days after the Awards ceremony, we called Gipu to see how he was, and to let him know how much he was missed. But no sooner we started going into details, he told us, he heard the event went well, and thanked us for the Award, which he said was taking pride of place on his mantel piece.

“Gipu deserved more than any award, medal or honours, that can be bestowed on anyone for generosity of spirit and professionalism. Today, Brother Gipu, you are with God; and in heaven shall you be recompensed for all that you have done for humanity here on earth; whether it’s through your daily radio and TV broadcasts back home in Sierra Leone; your generosity of spirit and kindness; or that simple, infectious smile of yours – which warmly speaks to the weary heart – saying: All will be well.”

The late Gipu Leroy Felix-George was born on 18th January 1942, to Janet Palmer and Gipu George. He spent his early childhood days at Steward Street in the west end of Freetown, Sierra Leone. He survived all three of his siblings and was the last alive in his immediate family.

Gipu started his education at Buxton Primary School where he gained a sold Christian foundation as part of his primary education. Between 1955 – 1962, he attended the Sierra Leone Grammar School, where he excelled academically and in sports.

He was an exceptional student who participated well in not only academic spheres but also he captained the athletic and quiz teams.

He entered Fourah Bay College in 1964 and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Geography. While at university, Gipu also studied Greek, Roman and Roman culture. He was fluent in different languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian and many African languages both within and outside Sierra Leone.

Gipu was a very active member of the Buxton Methodist Church, Charles Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone. He served the church as Ex – leader and a member of the Leader’s meeting, ex-president Buxton’s men’s Fellowship, ex-honorary chorister, ex-life patron Buxton Sunday School.

He was a registered member of the Whalley Range Methodist Church, Manchester, United Kingdom, where he received his final blessings yesterday before he was laid to rest.

After leaving school in 1963, Gipu taught briefly at the Methodist Boy’s High School (MBHS) in Freetown and worked as an assistant librarian at the university of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College.

In 1969, Gipu was employed as a Radio and Television broadcaster at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS). With Gipu’s special gift of an exceptional broadcaster’s voice, he was offered international jobs at the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) and the voice of America (VOA). He never accepted those offers because of his desire to commit his life in serving his motherland Sierra Leone.

On his disc jockey and music career, he won the award as best disc-jockey in the Foday Kande progress Newspaper Award Ceremony, in 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1976 in a row.

His Saturday shindig radio show was very popular in the entire country. He won many awards and laurels in music, sports commentary and presentation of sports programme at the SLBS. He would be remembered as a legend in broadcasting, his iconic voice behind the microphone, his mentorship and patriotism for Mama Salone.

Gipu was a man of great compassion for humanity and this resulted in his active participation in the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) to address the social problems of the five killer diseases of  children in Sierra Leone during the early and late 1990s. This programme led to the establishment of the Council of Children Sierra Leone, through UNICEF. He was the central brain behind the creation of this council and became the first Executive Secretary.

Whilst serving in that capacity, he was given the offer by the government of Sierra Leone under the leadership of the Late President Joseph Saidu Momoh to professionally head the SLBS as Director-General (DG).

In those years, SLBS which had become a ghost station was injected with a new lease of life. This led to the installation of the first FM station in Sierra Leone through his innovation, visionary and dynamic leadership as DG.

Gipu’s sense of community and strong leadership continued after he arrived in Manchester, UK where became president of the Sierra Leone Association of Greater Manchester. His love of all enabled him to organise events that brought people from all walks of life together.

Remembering Gipu Felix-George today, Mrs Sylvia Jolliminah Blyden (Photo above) said: “Gipu gave so much support to loads of people in his lifetime. I recall when Babatunde Blyden stood against Francis Stevens for President of the Fourah Bay College Students Union, a population then of a little under 500 students in 1966; and the result of that election ended in Babatunde losing by 26 votes. Within an hour, that Sunday, Gipu had arranged buses and an outing destination to Bureh Town.

“The depression of losing so marginally just disappeared. He had taken a lot of vinyl records and one particular song that caught on at that outing was:  ‘The girl from Ipanema goes walking’. Gipu loved jazz.

“I remember him as Director General introducing diversified and exciting programmes like his Christmas Humour talk given every year by Professor Dr Eldred Jones, the Mr & Mrs Show that saw Dr Arthur Stuart and his wife,  as well as Mr George Anthony and his wife as host of celebrities in Sierra Leone competing.

“Gipu was unapologetically APC…. But he never allowed his love for the Congress to compromise his office or his integrity. When he had President Siaka Stevens on the chair to interview him, he asked him very hard questions that the population wanted answers, but which questions, the president   would rather he had not asked.

“When I think of the bulwark of supporters of Buxton Church,  I  count Gipu and Lawyer Claude Campbell among the few then that upheld that Church and I trust that Glen his son in Sierra Leone,  received the support from the congregation during the Memorial Service held yesterday in Freetown.

“Many good tributes were paid to Gipu yesterday in Church and at the Repast, including those delivered by his wife and Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas. I am happy that I knew Gipu during his lifetime. Now I pray that he is in heaven with all his friends, playing jazz music and organising it all. May Light Perpetual Shine forevermore on you Gipu.”

Gipu has been laid to rest. He will be sorely missed by his wife – Fanny Ann and family, his friends, professional colleagues and Masonic brethren – both at home in Sierra Leone and in the UK. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


  1. Gipu Felix George will be sorely missed. I remember when he was doing his ‘Saturday Shanedig’,every one wants to call and talk to him. His voice was immaculate. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace… AMEN.

  2. Indeed, The Master of the Universe in his infinite wisdom has decreed since the beginning of Creation when Adam and his lovely Queen were molded out of grains of dust, that Life and all good things must finally come to an end. What a glorious moment this is!

    We must all remember that the days and nights men and women are given to tread on this beautiful Earth, have all been measured with infallible exactness and Divine precision – and everyone must drink copiously from the contents of the vessel Almighty God has already poured for them with his own blessed, majestic hands. That is a law all living creatures must obey!

    Today we celebrate the life of a Legend – like a child being sent to school to study and experience new things, so also we send him joyfully to the spiritual domains of the Almighty to enjoy divine blessings and consolations…All things will surely be well – we are confident that the welcoming hands of Mercy and Compassion will handle him with great and tender care.

    Again remember, even the tiniest seeds that are sown, sometimes bloom and flourished into giant trees before the heaviest storms in the arsenals of Existence gently uproots and carries them away. It must be so – for while they were here we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves under their shade, away from the scorching sun and ate their fruits.

    A great river that ran tirelessly, that overflowed and quenched the thirst of millions, has been commanded to return to its Mother, the boundless, magnificent Sea; and it is on its way – at full speed, in answer to the call.

    We will miss him dearly, but just like him, all will one day return when beckoned to do so by the kind and gentle Sea…Gipu Felix George – Sierra Leone Salutes you for your unwavering patriotism, professionalism, integrity and intelligence…Rest in Heaven! Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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