Government of Sierra Leone refutes criticisms over failure to win Millennium Challenge Compact fund

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 December 2019:

After much criticisms over its failure to convince the US government that it has met the criteria for the award of a Millennium Challenge Compact, potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the government of Sierra Leone yesterday published this statement:

“Following Sierra Leone’s passing of the FY 2020 MCC Scorecard, a high-level Government delegation engaged key U.S. stakeholders on the gains that have been made in the implementation of the ongoing $44.4 million Threshold Program (THP).

“The MCC and other US Agencies acknowledged and commended Sierra Leone on its efforts on the MCC Scorecard and the progress made so far in the implementation of the THP.

“This year, seventeen (17) out of eighty (80) countries were eligible to be considered by the MCC Board for a new Compact. Sierra Leone, having passed eleven (11) out of twenty (20) indicators for the FY 2020 Scorecard was among the eligible countries.

“Its relentless efforts in the fight against corruption also saw Sierra Leone amongst the top ten (10) performing countries in the hard hurdle of Control of Corruption category. (Photo: Head of the Anti-Corruption – Francis Ben Kaifala).

“Notwithstanding efforts by Sierra Leone and other countries to qualify for the Compact, the MCC Board only selected one new Compact largely because the fiscal bandwidth for new selection this year was significantly limited given that MCC selected eight new Compacts last year, including the inaugural Regional Compact.

“As part of Government’s commitment to improve the quality of life of its people and in order to deepen and strengthen the bilateral relationship between our two countries, Government is keen to build on the gains that have been made in the Ruling Justly, Investing in People and Economic Freedom categories while redoubling its efforts in the fight against corruption and investing in human capital development, buttressed by private sector growth.

“Government remains committed to the partnership between Sierra Leone and the United States and is pleased to inform the general public that it will continue to strengthen the foundation for the viable and sustainable provision of water and electricity services across the country.”

Whether the Bio-led government can go on to make the necessary policy and ministerial administration changes in the next few weeks and months, in order to achieve the economic, political and social improvements in the country, remains to be seen.


  1. Hahaahaah;

    Thanks brother Saidu for calling out one of the many delusional regime supporters. Amadu-Abu are you ok my brother? I mean who in their right state of mind would be boastful of 55% failure? Hahaaaha, this is really interesting; some diehard SLPP supporter describing a 55% failure score mark as EXCELLENCE. This goes to show how deep a sinkhole our nation has buried itself, we are now celebrating failures.

    Boy oh boy, politics has a tendency to indeed cloud someone’s mental capacity. It appears you are trying very hard to compare the current regime performance to previous regime; here is a quote from the original article “The Sierra Leone Telegraph can report that out of a total of twenty policy areas assessed by the MCC, the Bio-led government passed only eleven, which is the same level of achievement as the Koroma-led APC government, back in 2013/2014.” Amadu-Abu, what exactly is your point my bro?? You see how your blind support for politics is making a mockery out of you?

  2. Mr Amadu-abu – please strive very hard,and try as best as you possibly can,to peer into the depths of the best dictionaries available in the world,and see if they will be able to clearly explain to you the meaning of the word EXCELLENT,before coming on this glorious platform to make a mockery of your inadequate,delusional,goofy self.Clear enough?(lmao) Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. Excellent Students always remain to be the focus of weak students. Each time a test is given to a class, the weak keep focus on the grades of the excellent. Do you know why? Oh! Simple. If the excellent could have 55% , they keep wondering what they would get from the given test.


  4. I once saw a beggar roaming the crowded streets of Lagos dressed in rags of filth, that was confidently pronouncing to everyone that crossed his paths, that he has a king, who was stranded and looking for money to return to his home.

    So, I approached him and said; “Why don’t you just be honest and tell people you are hungry, instead of using lies and deceitful means to get what you want?”Ouch! And as if someone had thrown hot burning coals of fire on him,he screaaaamed; “What! so you don’t believe I am a king? Wait right here and I will show you who I am,” he yelled, choking, as he dashed away enraged, like a wounded Pit Bull.

    Then a man standing close by that had been listening and watching, laughed and said,”He’s coming back with a bucket of filth to throw all over you, for challenging and questioning him, so RUN,OGA….RUN.”(lol) A bucket of Filth? On Saidu Conteh? Naaaah;” I said and took off like a young impala, outrunning a lion, desperately trying to save its life.(lol)

    That delusional beggar always makes me laugh, whenever I think of him; And strangely, lately he reminds me of the arrogant, reprehensible and pretentious SLPP government. They are indeed beggars that think they are kings, even though they are dressed from head to toe, in robes of failures. Yep, the MCC report clearly shows that they are not the aficionados of progress that they profess themselves to be.

    They are hopeless, incompetent beggars who are afraid to face reality and live bravely, by telling our citizens the truth. Try and make a genuine attempt to question or reason with them and see if they will not ruthlessly attack you. So run as fast as you can, away from them, like I did, from the beggar in Lagos, before in their usual mean spirited, devious ways, they begin to throw their obnoxious, nauseating filth on you…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh is one of a kind. I never would believe it is true if someone else had told me that he took his attitude of frankness to a beggar on the streets. The Sierra Leone Telegraph is indeed a wonderful and interesting place to be. Why didn’t you stand and wait for the beggar to come back Greatsayedna? Hahahaha Saidu had me and my wife rolling with tears of laughter.

  5. Hahahaah!! This goes to show how arrogant our politicians have become. An exams containing 20 questions were given, you managed to secured a minimum pass grade – 11 out 20 questions answered satisfactorily — translating to a shameful 55% (a pass grade for African standards while a fail (F) grade in western nations.

    With your barely pass grade (crossing the minimum threshold), you are invited for an interview along with other candidates that did extremely well compared to your abysmal performance. At the end, those candidates who performed at the top were awarded contracts or hired. You get nothing as expected. Instead of admitting that you are indeed a failure, you go around making flimsy excuses why you didn’t get the contract or hired. How unrealistic/arrogant can one be?? Incredible indeed!!!

    • Indeed. A LOSER is always a LOSER but, will never ACCEPT his or her FAILURE. IRREVERSIBLE EXCUSES will always be the order of the MOMENT. FASCINATING ANALYSIS there by Young4na. GOD BLESS YOU Young4na.

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