GTMS to invest in advanced Cargo Tracking

Abu Bakarr Kargbo: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 December 2018:

Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions (GTMS), is an expert in Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) founded by Sierra Leonean Investor, Sahr Ngegba who has been making an impact in Africa.

They have secured major contracts with some African countries such as Guinea, Liberia, and Kenya and will be making a presentation in Mauritania in the coming days.

Also, GTMS is  preparing for a major cargo tracking note contract in Namibia, Southern Africa; as well as negotiations with other African countries.

GTMS is poised to embark on a major investment in the shipping sector, in line with President Julius Maada Bio’s New Direction agenda, which is aimed at making Sierra Leone a better place for all.

Company officials say they are in full readiness to bring a turnaround in the shipping sector by making Cargo Tracking attractive for investment.

Expansion of the company’s investment will earn the country more taxes and royalties, which government can use for national development.

Just as the French are exporting Bollore, the English are exporting NECTAR, Sierra Leone has become a gem in terms of cargo tracking notes through GTMS, which is now going global.

In June this year, a team from the Liberian Ports Authority led by the Managing Director, Madam Cuffie and Counsellor George came to Sierra Leone to see what GTMS is doing in Sierra Leone and learn from the company’s successes.

The team said that they are in Sierra Leone to learn from the activities of GTMS and what they are doing in Sierra Leone for a possible contract in Liberia.

“In Africa, we have smart people who have lots of initiatives,” the MD of Liberian Ports Authority said,  describing the CEO of GTMS.

She said that she is impressed with the work of GTMS in Sierra Leone, as they are helping Sierra Leone in generating revenue and at the same time provide employment.

She maintained that Liberia does not want to take people and institutions on face value, and that is the reason they are in Sierra Leone to ensure that they get to know GTMS and their activities better.

Just a few weeks ago, the Commissioner for Income Tax at the Sierra Leone NRA, Ibrahim Sorrie, lauded the effort of GTMS in the revenue generation drive in Sierra Leone through their tracking of cargo at the Freetown port.

The implementation of an Advance Cargo Declaration scheme – CTN/ACD, as part of the procedure for cargo security and safety in Sierra Leone, was scheduled since the requirements for Governments, Port Authorities and Shipping Companies on ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) was introduced in 2002.

On the 2nd December 2014, the Sierra Leone Parliament at its sitting, tabled “The cargo Tracking Note management in the Sierra Leone Ports” in compliance with section 20 (4) of the NCP Act 2002.

GTMS Holdings is the management company of the companies that are engaged in the business that is related to the global tracking system of information on cargo for the protection of ships and port facilities.

The business includes verification and monitoring of international maritime cargo and transport in order to prevent any attack and locate the responsibility of each maritime operator in the case of shipping hazardous and dangerous product.

Author: Abu Bakarr Kargbo

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