Head of Sierra Leone army calls on soldiers to remain loyal to government amid rumours of attempted coup

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 August 2023:

Head of Sierra Leone’s Army – Lieutenant General P K Lavahun, last week disclosed that a total of 14 people including six senior officers and five lower ranking personnel of the army have so far been arrested for alleged subversion, after police swoop across the country on suspected plotters.

Sierra Leone Police last week issued a statement saying that several people were arrested and detained following allegations of possible attacks on state institutions this month.

The names of those arrested have not been disclosed, but addressing senior military officers in Freetown last week, Head of Sierra Leone Army – Lieutenant General P K Lavahun (Photo), called on soldiers of all ranks to be vigilant and warned them of dire consequences should they take part in any plans to disturb the peace of the country.

More arrests he said will follow as investigations continue, and that soldiers should stay away from politics. He disputed claims that the arrest of military officers had any tribal influence, as he called on the army to be loyal to the Bio-led government.


But the army chief who himself was captured in a video (see below) that went viral on social media, was seen singing Mende songs, and dancing with his troops after Bio was declared the winner of presidential elections in June, is being accused of tribalism by critics.


Critics say that singing in Mende which is his and President Bio’s tribal language, clearly shows that the army chief himself is a tribal bigot.


  1. A. Sanusie,

    Is it illegal for an army chief of any country to dance publicly? Does a person cease to belong to his/her ethnic group upon becoming an army chief or president? What is wrong with a Sierra Leonean dancing to a Mende or Themne song? Would there have been any fuss if our army chief was caught dancing to a Krio, English, French or German song?

    Africans must free themselves from mental slavery. I dont understand a word of Mende or Themne but I love hearing our compatriots expressing themselves in these very indigenous languages. Only a very insecure person would take issue with folks speaking or dancing to music in Sierra Leone’s indigenous languages.

  2. Tribalism and ethnic tensions have long been a divisive force, leading to discrimination and exclusion of certain groups. This creates a sense of “us vs. them,” with the government often taking sides based on political expediency rather than the common good. The unlawful arrest and detention of innocent citizens is a blatant violation of human rights and exposes the corruption and abuse of power in law enforcement agencies. Such actions undermine public trust in the justice system and sow fear and insecurity among the population. To address these issues, there must be a concerted effort to promote inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for human rights. The government should ensure that its policies and actions are guided by fairness and impartiality, rather than partisan interests or tribal affiliations. Additionally, law enforcement agencies must be held accountable for their actions and strictly adhere to due process and the rule of law. There should be comprehensive reforms in the judicial system, which can guarantee justice for all citizens irrespective of their tribe or political affiliations. Ultimately, breaking the cycle of tribalism and upholding the rule of law is crucial in creating a stable, prosperous society where all citizens can live with dignity and security.

  3. Sierra Leone is a Kakistocracy, not a democracy. The above statement is exemplified by alleged Lieutenant-General, who in a sane society would not even achieve the rank of corporal.

  4. Where was the Head of Sierra Leone’s Army – Lieutenant General P K Lavahun when military personnel were shooting at the APC HQ and nearly enough killed the legitimate winner of the #SierraLeone elections 2023 H.E. Dr Samura Wilson Kamara.. where was he when there were guns escorting Mohamed Konneh and ECSL officials? The head of the army has a lot of questions to answer himself and a full investigation conducted into P K Lavahun affairs.

  5. The poor people of Sierra Leone have already been roasted and simmered in the fires of intense, excruciating pain and suffering for donkey years; This suffering must now come to a complete end; Sierra Leone – her closet bosom friends have always been the debilitating darkness and its strikingly eerie shadows that kept her totally subdued in sorrows and copious tears; Yes, she was an unwilling, helpless slave for countless decades gone by; Sadly, strangely the gloomy darkness has always kept her tucked away forcibly in its impenetrable, immortal depths; Who would argue that our tearful story is not truly a disaster song?
    Menacing wolves, foxes, hyenas and scavenging vultures have all done their worst by exploiting our country mercilessly, after which, they all left her crawling like a snail, miserably in the mud and went their diverse ways; Now those currently in power who once remorselessly ignited the treasonous sparks of mutiny, and instability in our little, fragile Sierra Leone have surprisingly now become the biggest, most vocal advocates for dependability and sustainable peace; Seriously? You can’t be serious!
    The bandit who once carried a gun, robbed, bullied and killed the innocent now waves the three Holy Books passionately in the air and preaches the true Gospel of love? Go figure that one out! These people now in power were not kind to those that begged for mercy and pleaded with them to spare their lives…whilst the wayward winds protested on their behalf as their intercessors, they still coldheartedly, went right ahead and butchered and murdered the innocent, that owned only a miserable, wretched pair of pants and singlet, like a bunch of timid chickens at a “King Jimmy Market” slaughter house, showing no mercy whatsoever; Now those frightful shadows are back to haunt them; the agonizing screams, of wives begging for their husbands to be spared, keep on echoing and reechoing in the surrounding areas of State House at night…Judgment is coming…it gallops furiously on its way…old debts must promptly be repaid…the existential noose of unbiased Justice now demands it.

  6. That is the HEAD of our army huh? If the video of him and others dancing in the streets like that doesn’t look backwards and uncivilized, I don’t know what does. For our country to develop, we actually need our people to develop first. Uncivilized people cannot advance a nation.

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