Help finally arrives for Etta the Sierra Leonean lady stranded in Jamaica

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 January 2021:

Help has finally arrived for Etta and her twenty year-old daughter, after world-wide publicity by the media including the Sierra Leone Telegraph about her sad story of love, estrangement, and abandonment by her husband in the island of Jamaica.

But thankfully, in the last few days, humanitarian assistance and support have been pouring for Etta, from people across Jamaica and globally, who followed a live-streamed documentary interview of Etta on Facebook  by a local presenter.

Also in the last few days, the Sierra Leone Telegraph has learnt that Etta attended the Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG). And after reading the sad story of Etta, many in the Old Girls Association of the FSSG overseas have rallied round to discuss supporting Etta and her daughter’s return to Sierra Leone.

The FSSG ladies have also contacted Etta. They are in direct communication with her and the good Samaritan pastor of the church in Jamaica that is providing shelter and food for Etta and her twenty year-old daughter.

The FSSG ladies have also contacted the Sierra Leone Embassy in the USA, who are also now working to arrange Etta’s return and resettlement back home in Sierra Leone.

All hands on deck, as the  Prince of Wales School (POW) Old Boys Association are also believed to have joined forces with their female counterparts – FSSG Old Girls Association to get Etta back home to Sierra Leone.  

You can watch the Facebook documentary here:

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  1. We all say thanks to the donors that have volunteered to do such a great job for our sister, through her journey and the terrible mistakes she made. Can the rest of our sisters take lessons from her? I hope they do. One thing I am personally concerned about, is her safety. Can we prevent her from bullying and provocation, as some of us will set her up for a little argument. I wish Ms. Etta and her daughter the best in their beloved country, Sierra Leone.

  2. Thanks Sierra Leone Telegraph for reporting this lady’s predicament. To those who have come to her rescue, well done and God bless you. “Love thy neighbour as thyself” Mark 12:31.

  3. To all those who helped out in bringing back our sister home,we say thank you all.We really appreciate all your good works and endeavors

  4. Great solidarity for Ms Etta! Well done for all those involved! If this is how we all work together and support each other irrespective of tribe, region, background or political affiliations, Sierra Leone will not only be a better place, but a country of envy. We gladly welcome you back home Ms Etta with open hands.

  5. Good piece of good news. All praise goes to the management and staff of the editorial of the Sierra Leone Telegraph for highlighting the plight of Ms Etta.

  6. Thanks to the Telegraph for all the verifications. I believe everybody who is in a position to help should do so. We all make mistakes.

  7. Great patriotism from her alma matar- Freetown Secondary School for Girls and friends around the world. Every little helps. This is the Sierra Leone we want to see and live in. Help whichever way you can to lift our kind.

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