I am the best to lead this country – says SLPP Maada Bio

Julius Maada Bio: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 March 2018:

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, I greet you all under the auspices of Unity, Freedom and Justice. We must accept the fact that this is a defining moment for our democracy and our beloved Sierra Leone as this election determines the smooth sail of our democracy through regime change or brings to reality another one-party dictatorship marred with corruption and abuse of power.

As the election draws nigh, we take another step forward to decide who is well placed and better experienced for the presidency.

Going into the polls, let me give you ten indelible reasons why I am the best to lead this country out of the APC’s hardship, financial crisis and corruption:

1. I have sacrificed for this country in times when all the other presidential aspirants were enjoying life overseas. I have defended this nation in key battles;

2. I am one of the key pillars of our democracy. I was a front runner of the peace we are enjoying today;

3. I have the experience and skills to govern this country in an efficient and effective manner because I was once a Head of State. No other candidate has such a credential;

4. I presided over the first multi-party elections in this country;

5. I handed over power peacefully to a civilian government for the sake of peace, development and stability;

6. I will instil discipline into the minds of all Sierra Leoneans and I will shape their attitudes which will bring about their true attitudinal and behavioural change for the development of this nation;

7. I will recover the economy from the shocks of the drunken sailors (the APC) as I recovered Sierra Leone from their 27 years misrule, and I will initiate robust measures to block all leakages and stop extravagant ventures;

8. I will also provide free and accessible education from primary school to secondary school level. I will remove SSS4 immediately because it is a failed policy and a waste of resources;

9. I will unite this nation beyond tribal lines and I will weave all ethnic groups under our first coat-of-arm—Unity, for without unity a state degenerates into anarchy and chaos and development is thereby retarded and;

10. In my government, lecturers, youths, traders, medical staffs and journalists will be prioritised. Journalists will be given an annual subvention to carry out their activities; lecturers salaries and livelihoods will be alleviated; jobs will be provided for youths, market centres plus micro finance will be provided for the traders and more hospitals will be constructed with well trained nurses and doctors who are better paid.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, your best presidential bet is the Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and we “must not” miss such a leadership opportunity. Sugar coated words will never guarantee development for Sierra Leone. With passion, hard work, discipline and commitment, we will build the land that we love.

Author: Cyril Barnes

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  1. I must thank you very much for articulating such beautiful points. However, please use other prepositions other than ‘I will’. This is where people begin to miss the entire thing. Its not you, but we as a people. You alone cannot do it. Please must learn to use ‘we will’ . success is awaiting you.

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