I was not arrested and released on stiff bail conditions by the ACC

Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 October 2021:

The public is hereby informed that by letter dated 30th June, 2021 by the AC Commissioner, I was invited to the Commission to “appear before the Commission on Thursday, 1st July, 2021” to “answer orally on oath or affirmation any question relevant to the investigation” relating the refurbishment/reconstruction of the Chancery building of the Sierra Leone Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

The Public would recall that on 1st July, 2021, I did attend to the command of the ACC with a view to provide them with information I may be acquainted with relating to its investigations of the alleged mismanagement of public funds meant for the refurbishment of the Chancery building housing the Sierra Leone Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

I did attend and assisted the Commission with information that I was acquainted with which is limited to the conception stage of the refurbishment project. In particular, I informed the ACC that I was neither directly involved in the procurement of contractors or services nor the subsequent disbursement of funds relating to that project. A written statement was presented by me to the Commission, copies of which were made available to the press.

Thereafter, a public statement was also made and popularised in social media following a Press Conference on the issue held by the AC Commissioner on Wednesday, 1st September 2021.  Copies of this were also made available to the press.

Consistent with my prior commitment to the setting up of the ACC in 2001, and to fully support the institution in the execution of its MANDATE, i.e. the fight against corruption, I again at the request of the ACC attended its office on Friday, 24th September 2021, relative to the same issue. This was followed by the latest visited yesterday, 5th October 2021.

It became apparent from my three interviews that the ACC remains far more interested in investigating the procurement process, which I never handled, than the alleged mismanagement of funds following a lead provided by the Africanist Press thereon. Given the focus and remit of its investigation, there is very little investigative value in my continued engagement with the ACC on the issue.

I want to inform my numerous supporters and the public at large that my interaction with ACC so far has been of mutual respect, cordial and friendly. The project under investigation remains my baby. It is of tremendous importance to Sierra Leone’s external posture.

I therefore would want to urge the Government to endeavour to complete the project at the earliest possible time.

I also urge the public to ignore reports that I was arrested and released on stiff bail conditions by the ACC, and further that the Scorpion Squad of the ACC conducted a search of my dwelling premises. These reports are not only baseless and without foundation, but are calculated failed attempts to smear me for political gains.

Let me assure all Sierra Leoneans that having served my country in various public institutions both internally and externally for over 40 years without blemish, I remain firmly committed to maintain and defend this well-earned reputation and public trust going forward in my pursuit to the highest office of the land come 2023 under the banner of the mighty and development oriented All People’s Congress Party. I thank you.

About the author:

Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara is Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC presidential candidate at the 2018 elections. He is currently aspiring to once again lead the APC party into the 2023 elections.  In 2018 he lost the presidential election by a narrow margin of 3% to Julius Maada Bio but helped the APC won a majority in the country’s parliament.


  1. Samura Kamara is already a “DAMAGED GOODS” after the “MUNKU” clown show that was hosted by the lifetime chairman and leader of the APC in his circus built from stolen money from our taxpayers. He is now feeling the brunt of the destructive APC propaganda machine which he has sponsored since his humiliating defeat in the 2018 presidential elections. He has been warned that SLPP and President Bio is not part of their problems, so I hope they stay in their snake pit rather than trying to incite violence in our peaceful country which has been rated 5th in Africa.

  2. ACC under Ben Kaifala is never a thing to write home about in the investigation of serious corruption in Sierra Leone. Ben Kaifala is only good at going after poor teachers whose tiny salary can only compromise their integrity. Ben Kaifala in his regular defending of corrupt acts of his political party people is corruption himself. Shm!

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