I will continue to provide the leadership needed to move Sierra Leone forward – Bio tells security chiefs

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 December 2018:

Last weekend president Julius Maada held talks with the country’s security chiefs at a dinner hosted by his wife – the First Lady – Mrs Fatima Bio at the Presidential Lodge, Hill Station, West of the capital Freetown, where he called for more and effective inter-agency collaboration to improve security in the country.

Sierra Leone like most West African nations is faced with the need to step up response to threats from international drugs cartels, money laundering, cyber-crimes and terrorism.

The president said that one of the main challenges the country’s security sector faces is the lack of proper coordination among the different security agencies, as he called for synergy.

But president Bio praised the security chiefs for their patriotic service to the nation. He said that despite the difficult challenges, they have always acquitted themselves well in discharging their duty to the fullest.

“As a Government we appreciate what you do every day, to ensure that there is peace and stability in our country. By taking up the uniform, it means you have a difficult choice to serve this country. So, we are grateful for that.

“Most of the times we have had problems with the lack of synergy between and among the various forces, which is not helpful for the country. We know that quiet conflicts are bound to happen, but we must see the need to work together for a common goal. No one can do it alone. So, we need collective efforts,” he urged.

He said that he is satisfied with the progress made so far in the eight months of his new government, especially in re-branding the image of the nation on the international stage.

The negative perception people held across the world of Sierra Leone is fast changing because of disciplined leadership, Bio said.

“I have promised and will continue to provide the quality leadership we need to move this nation forward. The perception out there is beginning to change. When they talk about serious nations now, we are being mentioned as one of them, which is a very good start that we all can collectively build on.

“As the Leader, I want to inspire you all to make your own contributions in making our country great again. Today is for you, and I want to say thanks to you all for your service to our nation,” the president told security chiefs.

The next few weeks will be crucial for the security forces, as tension mounts in the country in response to corruption investigations of former government officials.

A commission of inquiry into the governance of the country by the Koroma led APC government, amid several allegations of impropriety and mismanagement, will commence in two weeks.

Radical activists in the opposition APC are using social media to advocate violence and anarchy.

But speaking to local reporters, the country’s police chief – Inspector General Moigbeh says that his force is fully prepared to uphold law and order.

This message was also echoed by the Secretary General of the opposition APC – Alhaji Osman Yansanneh, who strongly condemned those in the APC calling for violence and anarchy.

Several APC party leaders and activists, including the former president’s younger brother, were out on the streets protesting at the entrance of the Police CID Headquarters last weekend.

They were demanding the release from detention of the former defence minister- Palo Conteh.

Conteh is being held in detention, pending charges by the Anti-corruption Commission on allegations of corruption amounting to tens of millions of dollars in military procurement contracts.


  1. Law and order is not the solution to bring Sierra Leone up. It is democracy on all levels, true information and transparency, separation of powers. Yes, the fight against corruption is very necessary all over the world, but it has to take place open to the public under an independent High Court.

  2. I am very enchanted by the leadership of president Bio, I pray that God will give him the insight to rule this nation with oneness. To say a little on the upcoming ‘GTT’ court that will be held in the next couple of weeks by the government of Sierra Leone, I just want to again commend the effort of president in the fight against corruption and trying to put a stop to impunity and lawlessness in the country. As a Patriotic Sierra Leonean, am in full support of the GTT because it will serve as a deterrent for other people.

  3. What is the demonstration for? Even in Ghana a special prosecutor office has been set up to look into allegations of impropriety and corruption under John Mahama. What is APC talking about? The international community is watching Sierra Leone. What a joke.

    Arrest and jail them with their Lebanese counterparts; establish a labour camp and send them to work in the farm. This country is too rich to be poor.

  4. Looking at the pictures in this article, there are two sides to the same story to some extent. Discussing about security in the president’s residence and demonstrations on the streets of Freetown. Two opposite things. Whilst the first lady was hosting a dinner for the security chiefs, the APC supporters were busy demonstrating the arrest of some of their members which is fair enough.

    Every Sierra Leonean has his or her right to demonstrate freely without intimidation. I am very sure that president Bio is aware of that and will encourage it. The only thing that must not be tolerated is when demonstrations turn violent and results in chaos and anarchy. Innocent people will get hurt and lose their lives. Nobody wants that to happen.

    Also, all the political parties must reach out to their radical supporters to desist from provocation and violence. Because, at the end of the day, we are all Sierra Leoneans. We all have to make Sierra Leone a better place. Extremists always exists in any group or organisation. No one can do anything about that. But what can be done to solve or counter these extremists, is for the leaders to come together, calm down their supporters and tone down the rhetoric.

    We should all remember that losing an election followed by a commission of inquiry because of corruption is a dilemma for anyone or political party. This a problem that all the parties that lost have to accept and move on. Just see it as it is.
    The ACC and the commission of inquiry that will start very soon were all approved by the present parliament. All the MP’s were involved in that decision making. That is how democracy works. So, everyone must accept the work of the ACC and the commission of inquiry and move on.

    People have the right to say or make their points. I am very sure that the points they will be making would be listened to. Make no mistake. The whole nation and the world are watching. Some are arguing that it is a witch hunt. May be that is how they see it. That is their point of view. If people are arguing that what the government is doing is a witch hunt, then the government should not just sit down and listen to those accusations, but carry out an effective and honest public relation campaign to prove the sceptics wrong.

    The coming years will see a lot of demonstrations against president Bio’s government, because of the commission of inquiry into corruption and other issues. The government therefore should have to walk a very good line to tackle these demonstrators; especially when they turn violent. The police in particular have to be very skilful in carrying out their job. I have no doubt that they will do it with professionalism.

    I personally want the nation to give president Bio the chance to rule, just as was given to president Tejan Kabba and president Ernest Koroma. All three men were democratically elected through the ballot box. We should all know that chaos and anarchy will put us backwards.

    Let us forget about the ‘politics eat politics’ world of today and accept let bygones be bygones. Finally, I took away two things concerning the pictures in this article with me. To see people demonstrating peacefully in the streets without intimidation, was very encouraging; although I don’t know how it might end.

    Also to see the smiling faces of the first lady and that senior police female officer made me feel cool and cozy. This just tells you the beauty of the African woman. What made me felt more cool was seeing a gentleman sitting down besides the smiling ladies satisfied with his drink. Amazing. Finally, I hope the government and the opposition parties will see eye to eye in solving the country’s problems.

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