I will restore Sierra Leone’s international reputation – says president Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 November 2018:

President Julius Maada Bio has ended his international assignment after a gruelling week in Senegal and Europe, attending summit and meeting with the European Commission and potential investors for the country.

On Monday he met with the UK Member of the European Parliament – Steven Marcus Woolfe in the European Parliament Buildings, where they had dinner with other MEPs.

Steven Marcus Woolfe MEP said that he hosted President Bio to a dinner at the European Parliament in recognition of Bio’s vibrant leadership and excellent start in moving Sierra Leone in the right direction.

The UK Member of European Parliament praised President Bio for his wonderful stewardship and vision within the last six months in uniting Sierra Leone, efficiently managing the economy, showing leadership in the fight against corruption and investing in human capital development through the free quality education programme.

President Bio thanked the UK Member of the European Parliament, his other colleagues and staff of the European Parliament for the dinner reception and reiterated his commitment to restore Sierra Leone’s international reputation.

He said that his determination to fight corruption, effectively managing the economy and investing in human capital development would serve the best interest of ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

President Bio also expressed his commitment to strengthening relationship between Sierra Leone and the European Parliament.


  1. Trying to restore Sierra Leone’s international reputation is a monumental commitment and it is not for those who are easily paralysed by the enormity of a problem or task.

    This is the moment when the President has to demonstrate his traits as a soldier who has never known the meaning of retreat or surrender, even if it means making enemies out of family and friends.

    The problems of the country run very deep and have a long history spanning many decades and gaining deeper roots during the Siaka Stevens era. That is when everything for which the country was positively known, including a sound education system, collapsed and went into reverse.

    Everything was monstrously corrupted, down to not being able to be admitted into the armed forces of the country without being somehow associated with APC – a partial explanation of why Foday Sankoh and his thugs were more than a match for them; foreigners had to be brought in to help them,

    Let us take as an example the supply of pipe-borne water. This calls for a tough decision, since some homes may have to be demolished with adequate and proper compensation, or reconstructed within the parameters of an overall plan to make all towns and cities look like they have been well planned, and forcing the Ministry of Country Planning to finally do some work.

    Sierra Leone is a very sick patient with numerous symptoms which calls for drastic treatment, even with experimental drugs.

    Only if President Bio can do this, will some of the ailments start to disappear. On the footsteps of such a development, will come the restoration of the country’s reputation and lost glory. I wish the President Allah’s speed.

  2. This is what is necessary for the country because in the past years, if you say you are from Sierra Leone, you are immediately disrespected everywhere in Europe. Sierra Leoneans are enjoying their presitige which they lost years ago. Thanks very much brother. We all love you here.

  3. Thank you Mr. President. Your Excellency be sure that the almighty God is always with you, since you stand firmly to ensure that Democracy most prevail. Again thank you and good luck.

  4. The world seems to give Sierra Leone a second chance through the opportunity they are giving president Maada Bio and it is left with us the Sierra Leoneans to give him the same support to continue to change our nation.

    May the almighty continue to direct our leaders in the right path.

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