ICAO provides technical assistance to Sierra Leone civil aviation

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 October 2020:

The International Civil Aviation Organization’s West and Central Africa Regional Office (WACAF), Dakar has provided remote technical assistance to Sierra Leone in the implementation of the 2019 Universal Security Audit Program (USAP) Corrective Action Plan (CAP) in Aviation Security and Facilitation.

The three-day technical assistance is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of Global Civil Aviation Security as reflected in ICAO’s Strategic Objective, relating to leadership in aviation security, facilitation, and related border security matters.

Head of Aviation Security and Facilitation for ICAO WACAF Office, Ademola Oladele noted that the areas that needed attention are Critical Element 4 and 6 which deals with the provision for establishment and implementation of adequate training requirements – both on national and airport level, and the implementation of certification and programme approval procedures.

“Effective State Aviation Security requires the cooperation of airport operators, aircraft passenger baggage, quality control, and security and facilitation. The CAA, customs, police, air carriers, all other operators, and airport authority must work together to ensure that all these are accomplished because the aviation security system is only as strong as its regulators, operators, and stakeholders give it strength,” he explained.

He advised on the prompt implementation of the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) recommendations, especially those that address Security and Facilitation, which deal with the establishment of a National Air Transport Facilitation Committee (or equivalent) to increase national level cross-sectoral coordination; the use of Passenger Health Locator Forms to ensure identification and traceability of passengers and the provision of personnel to identify and manage unruly passengers situation related to essential aviation public health measures.

Responding to the ICAO representatives, the Director-General of the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA) expressed his thanks and appreciation to the ICAO West and Central Africa Regional Office for its willingness to assist Sierra Leone in any given period, noting further that he was pleased with the fruitful relationship between the CAA and WACAF, particularly the Regional Director.

“We are proud to inform the Regional Office that The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority has requested for the SLCAA’s technical assistance in Aviation Security and Facilitation to share best practices in ensuring compliance with ICAO. In respect to compliance, the CAA has already set up a functional National Air Transport Facilitation Committee and provided Passenger Health Locator Form to identify and trace passengers. We only have to provide and train personnel to identify and manage unruly passenger situations related to essential aviation public health measures,” he said.

The Director-General assured the ICAO Regional Office of the CAA’s continued commitment to addressing all the Security Audit findings and recommendations as contained in the Corrective Action Plan.

ICAO Representatives concluded the online meeting by advising that the CAA provide an update on the implementation of CART Recommendations for the monitoring of compliance status. They expressed interest in providing further assistance in other areas.

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