Important Notice to readers and commentators

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 04 May 2020:

Dear Readers and Forumites

We regret to inform you that due to the increasingly very large volume of comments we are now receiving every day for publishing (over 100 a day), we cannot meet the request of everyone.

Please note therefore, that only a few comments will be published daily, after moderation to ensure that comments do not violate the law, nor infringe our editorial policy.

Any comment that is more than two paragraphs long – with each paragraph containing more than five sentences, will be cut short before publishing.

We apologise for any inconvenience this decision may cause.

Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Thanks Mr. Thomas for this adjustment during this difficult times, I personally believe that if we can adapt ourselves to social distancing and also adapt to wearing face mask and gloves, we are also capable of curtailing as the Krio man says- “ BORKU TOK.”

  2. I am not surprised that the readership of and commentators on the Telegraph are skyrocketing. It’s quite simply a case of the medium being authentic and open to all opinions, something that must be paralyzing and stupefying to those who are not allowed to get away with anything anymore – a curse to public figures.

    I plead guilty to the charge of those who are spreading the word about the Telegraph.

    We must respect the wishes of the editor. It’s not an easy job.

  3. The only problem is short comments are intended for propaganda, praise-singing and demigod worship. They lack substance and have a tendency to deviate from the real issues.

    However, it could be the only option when looking at things from a resource management or business point of view. Hopefully, those lousy commentators will not pop up again.

  4. “will be cut short before publishing” that will be an infringement on free speech. Once you cut the paragraph, you have removed the sense and the true meaning of the statement.

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