President Bio and family tested negative after quarantine

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 04 May 2020:

After spending 14 days in quarantine along with his family, following confirmation that a State House security personnel had tested positive for COVID-19, president Julius Maada Bio has now tested negative and will resume work.

President Bio will return to work, faced with an intray containing critical state security matters regarding the cohesion and stability of the country, the economic downturn, as well as the deteriorating political tension between his ruling SLPP and the main opposition APC.

He will need to walk a tight rope to begin to look for solutions that will bring the country back together as a cohesive nation, by opening up communications with the opposition APC leadership.

He will also need to establish an independent commission to conduct investigations into the unrest which took place at the Pademba road prison, leading to the shooting of 11 prisoners by his presidential guards.

News of his end of quarantine comes as twelve new COVID-19 cases were reported today, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Sierra Leone in the last twenty-four hours to 178.

The total number of deaths now stands at 9, after a health worker was reported dead, the first recorded death for healthcare staff in the country.

One hundred and thirty-two people are in isolation centres under observation, with the total number of people having recovered from the virus now standing at 37.

One thousand three hundred and eighty-five people are in quarantine.

Sierra Leone is on a three-day lockdown which comes to an end on Wednesday. So far there are reports the lockdown is going well – with everyone staying indoors, though the objective is unclear.

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  1. Thanks to the Almighty for protecting our President and his family from this dreadful disease.
    May the Almighty continue guide him and his family. Amen and Ameen.

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