Sylvia Blyden in police custody – 020520 -2

Sylvia Blyden in police custody – 020520 -2


  1. Thanks dear,we no longer have freedom of speech in Sierra may God help us all,but we are calling on the United nations to intervene.

  2. Lahai, have you forgotten that: 1. Before Blyden was arrested for high crimes there has been closure of all courts in sierra leone for a period as stated by the AG/CJ? And until such period elapses, there is no court sitting which directly means that anyone in police net may be detained as long as the courts are officially closed. So Blyden is just one of many Sierra Leoneans accused for high crimes which if not handled the way it has been, there may be a potential for this nation to wreck into another crisis.

    2. The country is under state of emmergency, call it health etc…. Miss Dr. S O Blyden knows this. Sierra Leone is bigger than us all. Everyone including Blyden, her followers and insightees, APC, SLPP, etc – APC in particular should put aside their personal interest and allow Bio SLPP to rule. What they are doing could never succeed during EBK era.

    • Your are right Mr. Engineer Daniel Sellu. As you rightly said – “allow Bio SLPP to rule”. But, how can you allow someone to rule, when he does not want to rule? Well, it’s because of the Bio SLPP that we now find ourselves in all types of mess. Financial, economical, social and even Coronavirus mess. Until we start talking about the Sierra Leone government instead of Bio SLPP, we will be stuck in this political deadlock/gridlock.

      God bless Mr. Engineer Daniel Sellu for sharing with us the exact description of the Bio lead SLPP. By the way, I say the Bio lead SLPP which is equivalent to Mr. Engineer Daniel Sellu’s description. Do you agree with me Mr. Engineer Daniel Sellu? Well done and welcome Mr. Engineer Daniel Sellu. God bless you.

  3. Using bad excuses like Tam Bayoh is going to help the government to continue to perpetuate evil against the people of Sierra Leone. Someday things will change and they will have to reap what they have sown.

  4. I can only comment, when I know the charges, but the time limit for her to be under police custody is over due. So I don’t know what the delay is for. My advice is for the president and ministers to rethink and call all heads of the political parties to try and amend these issues. Again the sitting government of president H E Bio should know that this is democracy and should accept criticisms.

  5. The government has the right to investigate anyone that abuse the laws of this country.Who is Tam Mbayo that was held in police net for the abuse of Sierra Leone law when APC was in power? Is he not a Sierra Leonean? Is Sylvia Blyden not a Sierra Leonean or is she above the law? The crime Tam Mbayo committed, during the APC regime,in which he was trapped,is the same crime Sylvia Blyden has committed.

  6. SLPP government needs to stop abusing the constitution. Government needs to rule by the law, “the low is supreme not man”. We need to stand out and defend our fundamental Human rights. Stop intimidating the opposition. Sierra Leone is for all…

  7. The Bible said in Proverbs “the righteous man shall fall seven times and stand again, but the wick shall fall in calamity”.

  8. The SLPP government is just creating more problems. What has Sylvia Blyden done to be treated this way. Is it because, the SLPP government cannot deliver the goods? Or human rights abuse job.

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