Information Minister inspects construction work of new NATCOM and Cybercrimes offices 

Zacharia Jalloh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 August 2021:

Minister of Information and Communications – Mohamed Rahman Swaray, yesterday inspected the New NATCOM Building that is under construction at Hill Station in Freetown, along with senior staff of the Ministry including the Permanent Secretary Mr. Kwame Yankson, Acting Director of Communications Mr. Mumini Jalloh and the Director General of NATCOM Mr. Daniel Kaitibi.

The visit was primarily initiated by the Minister to see how far the work has gone as a supervisory Ministry and most importantly to provide a space in the building for the installation of the National Computer Security and Incidence Response Team (NCSIRT) to enable tracking down of cybercrimes.

It could be recalled that Parliament unanimously enacted the Cyber Security and Crime Act 2021 this year and one of the key components of the Act was to provide a National Computer Security and Incidence Response Team to track down cybercrimes.

The NCSIRT will be supported by ECOWAS and EU to serve as the national infrastructure to strengthen the fight against cybercrimes and related matters. The government of Sierra Leone should provide the office space for the installation of NCSIRT.

The Director General of NATCOM identified a space to the Minister which was examined by the Acting Director of Communications and it was approved by him.

According to Minister Swaray, there is an ongoing training for Judges and law enforcement officers on how to handle matters related to cybercrime The Minister added that, eight (8) Sierra Leoneans were sent on training in Accra, Ghana on how to operate and handle the NCSIRT. “We are far ahead and ready as a nation to receive this installation,” the Minister asserted.

The Cyber Security and Crime Act 2021 awaits the assent of the President.

About the author

Zacharia Jalloh is an officer of the Strategic Communications Unit in Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Information and Communication.  


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  1. Thanks so much Mr minister for updating the public, we need a develop Sierra Leone this is the twenty first century it’s awareness time. We need sustainable development, jobs and factories in our country Sierra Leone, that why most of we the youths are making sacrifice nevertheless I never worked for any company neither government in Sierra Leone but I am still making my sacrifice by volunteering lecturing electrical engineering principles at Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization center ( SLOIC) Makeni campus.

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