World Bank pledges support for Sierra Leone’s national health insurance scheme

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 August 2021:

World Bank Country Director for Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia, Mr Pierre Frank Laporte, held discussions with President Dr Julius Maada Bio on Wednesday, and pledged the Bank’s support for the establishment of the country’s proposed National Health Insurance Scheme.

In July last year, President Bio launched a new Group Life Insurance Scheme for frontline health workers who are engaged in the fight against the deadly COVID-19, noting that the window of opportunity opened by his government reflected a commitment to building a highly skilled human resource base in Sierra Leone.

The government is now hoping that the proposed highly-costly national health insurance scheme can be supported by the World Bank so it can come to fruition.

Mr. Laporte spoke about the good working relationship between the bank and the Ministry of Finance. He added that the country has taken rapid steps in curtailing the Coronavirus, which he said has ravaged many economies of the world.

He further stated that he is happy the country has embraced the Covid-19 vaccination and said the World Bank would provide more support to the country’s efforts at curtailing the Coronavirus, improving the educational sector and investing more in energy.

“We are very happy for the development, so far. We will do everything to get things done,” he noted.

President Bio thanked Mr. Laporte and his team for the discussions, and the quality friendship that exists between his government and the World Bank, saying that the budgetary and technical support from the Bank have helped his government greatly in navigating some of the difficult areas of governance.

“Your contributions have been immense. We, therefore, consider you as a close partner. My government is committed to keeping the relationship together and stronger. We look forward to more support from the Bank,” he noted.

The President also noted that despite the many challenges posed by the pandemic, his government has done a lot to support the vulnerable, adding that he would continue to do so in the fight against COVID-19.


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  1. Is all well and good for the World Bank to express an interest in helping the Bio government set up a national health insurance scheme. My only hope, the world bank take the lead role not only as sponsors of this health insurance scheme, but as the main drivers to see it to its fruition.Insisting on transparency and accountability, from conception to its delivery and taking its first steps. The world bank should not in anyway placed their trust in Bio’s government for service delivery. Time and time again his government have proved not without evidence they can talk the talk, but can’t Walk the Walk. Promise made, promise never delivered or pending in progress. Unfortunately for Bio, and Sierra Leone, thats is going to be the verdicts under which his presidency will be judge. Unless of course you live in Bio’s orbit, or the galaxies of no hoppers, but content in believing in Bio’s delivery of any of his manifesto promises he made back in 2018.

    If the world Bank wants to see any good come out of this health insurance scheme, and benifet the people they intend to help, they should not take their eyes off the ball, least they will be guilty of abaddoning their primary duty of care and responsibilities as the Sierra Leone’s midwife carers. Indeed since Bio took office, we’ve seen him made all sort of promises, programmes, and projects that never bare any relationship with the realities on the ground. Either he is over promising and delivering little, or louding his efforts that is out of sync with the lives of would be beneficiary of his efforts . The most notable of all that he kept shoving down our throats, is his flagship free education. Whilst his intentions are commendable, one is still left scratching their head, wondering out loud to themselves whether there are still some families in the rural areas that haven’t taken advantage of educating their children. Not because of not wanting to, but prioritising their immediate needs,just to survive for next day. The reality of course, majority of disadvantages children are the breadwinners of their families.

    So for some of them, free education is out of reach, unless the government is seeking out some of this struggling families through the ministry of education outreach programme, and offer some financial help to some of this families.some will argue my wish list can be found in the periphery of truth, but never one Boi is comfortable with. You won’t catch Bio wondering, or lost in truths world. Bio doesn’t stop there, not long ago he promised to plant millions trees,but at the same time failing to tackle the deforestation of our countrys landscape by cow boy timber traders. His socalled anti corruption crusade, and his repeal of the libel and sedition Act, and the absolution of the death penalty are step in the right direction . As for the rest of his promises none of them will passed the litmus test of whether the president have achieved his stated desires. And Iam afraid

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