Insight Magazine launches annual survey of working hours in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 September 2017

Insight – the only magazine for those who do business in Sierra Leone – has launched an annual survey of working hours in Sierra Leone to find out more about Sierra Leone’s work culture.

In its inaugural survey into working hours, Insight is aiming to get a quick picture of the working hours of Sierra Leone’s business owners and employees, and see if or how it impacts on their personal and professional lives.

“This is the first of an annual series of surveys which will measure working hours in Sierra Leone,” says Memuna Forna, editor of Insight magazine.  “Over time the results will gradually build into a knowledge base that will help us track trends, and also look at the relationships between working hours and productivity, workplace stress, workplace satisfaction, health, income and professional success.”

Measuring working hours is also an important economic indicator.  Historically at the beginning of a recession, companies adjust working hours down, before making redundancies.  As the economy picks up, employers increase hours before hiring more staff.

Future surveys will measure working hours across demographic groups, by sector, by gender and even by season. In time they will also be able to look at the influence of technological innovation and policy changes.

Insight’s inaugural survey however is focused on looking at the relationship between working hours and job satisfaction, and comparing the working hours of business owners with those of employees.

The survey should only take one minute to complete and Memuna Forna says that it has deliberately been kept short.  “We don’t want to take up too much of our readers’ working time.”

Click here to participate in the Sierra Leone Working Hours Survey 2017

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