Is President Julius Maada Bio being played by the West?

Alpha Amadu Jalloh – The Fox: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 May 2023:

As Sierra Leoneans witness the repetitive saga of promises from Western entities like the MCC funds, coupled with stringent prerequisites and endless requirements, one cannot help but question: Is President Julius Maada Bio being played by the West?

The disillusionment brewing within the populace is palpable. Every announcement of potential aid seems to dissolve into thin air, leaving behind a trail of broken hopes and unmet expectations.

President Bio’s frustration has reached a crescendo, as evidenced by his candid admission in Kenya that “it is no longer business as usual.” Yet, the irony is stark – Sierra Leone finds itself caught in a web of dependency, with little leverage to negotiate terms.

The grim reality is that Sierra Leone’s assets, from its mineral wealth to its infrastructure, have been pawned off to the highest bidder in a series of lopsided agreements. The debt burden looms large, exacerbated by deceptive narratives spun by government officials. The recent revelation by the Chief Minister, downplaying the true extent of the country’s debt, only adds insult to injury.

Meanwhile, as the government struggles to manage its finances, ordinary citizens bear the brunt of misguided policies. The recent approval of toll gate price hikes by a complacent parliament signals further economic hardship for the masses. With fuel shortages looming on the horizon, the people are left to bear the consequences of governmental mismanagement.

Amidst this turmoil, the First Lady’s extravagant escapades on the global stage raise eyebrows. Her ostentatious displays, reminiscent of a modern-day Marie Antoinette, only serve to highlight the administration’s disconnect from the plight of ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

But perhaps the most damning indictment lies in the subtle manipulation by external forces, particularly the United States. The penchant for attention-seeking by President Bio and his spouse has not gone unnoticed. In their eagerness to court Western favour, they unwittingly become pawns in a larger game.

The recent spate of dismissals and purges within the government smacks of desperation, a futile attempt to quell dissent and maintain a facade of control. Yet, the cracks in the facade are becoming increasingly apparent. The erosion of public trust, coupled with growing disillusionment, threatens to undermine President Bio’s authority.

It is time for a reality check. President Julius Maada Bio must heed the warning signs and refocus his efforts on governing responsibly. The era of pandering to external interests at the expense of national sovereignty must come to an end.

Sierra Leone deserves leadership that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens above all else.

In the end, the adage holds true: “Dem Amerikan Dem Dae Tek Dem Finger Dem Fo Pul Banga Na Faya” – the Americans wield their influence with impunity, while President Bio risks being consumed by the flames of his own making.


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