Is president Koroma preparing the ground for a battle?

Sheku Lexmond Koroma

Why has president Koroma failed to heed to the oath he took when the presidency was awarded to him in 2007? Since he came to power, his government has embarked on using brow-beating tactics and actions to scare the opposition and deny them justice, by continually twirling the truth, so as to hoodwink the international community and disguise their innately deceptive character.

This is unarguably a violation of that very Constitution that trusses us together.

This brutal stance against the opposition was clearly observed by United Nations Secretary General’s Representative in Freetown – Michael von der Schulenburg, whose eyes the government could not pull wool over. And in retaliation they have consequently demanded his withdrawal from the country.

We in the SLPP thank you Mr. Schulenburg, for the love you have for our country and your just stance against this bigoted regime. We wish you the very best in your career.

During the time President Koroma took office, we were led to believe that his APC regime was different from those of his political mentors. But I see little difference.

We are still queuing for petrol and some other basic necessities, as was the case in the 1980’s. We are in an economic turmoil and opposition members are being imprisoned and killed – as were Aruna Vandy Jimmy and others.

Leading to President Koroma’s ascension to power; he launched a programme called an “agenda for change”. But what has his administration actually changed?

On a positive note, I see very little. But on the other hand, the damage his administration has caused our nation, far outweighs the positive changes made.

In my view, President Koroma’s “agenda for change” was not meant to bring development to our country. But in reality it was designed to destroy our social cohesion and bring us to economic degradation – an economy the SLPP worked so hard to rebuild.

I am of a very perfect belief that the APC is aware of this, and they also know that this damage is irreparable. Is this not injustice to our fellow citizens, for this politically immature leader and his criminal associates to continue deluding our people with their false hopes?

This is a regime which from the onset has been mendacious and believes that we must stay as the underdogs and remain under developed, whilst they lavishly and obscenely spend our resources on themselves and rogue intentions to stay in power.

I would ask, what justification can this ill-thought administration come up with to convince the people of Sierra Leone that it deserves a second chance to rule?

The cries of suffering of the vast majority of the electorate – as always, keep falling on the deaf ears of this tyrannical regime. I am of the notion and indeed with most Sierra Leoneans that we were economically, socially, and academically better off during SLPP’s rule.

Koroma asks Gbagbo to step down from office

But let me remind the President that he was a part of the team that went to Ivory Coast to persuade their former President – Mr. L. Gbagbo to step down when he was trying to cling onto power.

And now in Sierra Leone, president Koroma is preparing the ground for a battle, because of his quest to stay in power at all costs, even though he has failed to deliver what he promised.

If the president is as popular as his praise writers are claiming, why is he transporting ex-combatants to the Southern and Eastern Regions of the country, in order to cause mayhem during the electoral registration process?

His desired and envisaged outcome of forcefully derailing the peace and economic progress, whilst claiming to be a man of peace – has been exposed and will not succeed.

Accordingly, the International Criminal Court will take evidence of any violence perpetrated at the polls on the 17 November, 2012.

It is difficult to ascertain why any level headed person will support a party that cannot deliver, nor believes in democracy, especially as they continue to impoverish the once Athens of Africa.

This government is now offering its last prayers, and I am very sure that their prayers will not be answered. Hence I urge every Sierra Leonean not to vote on tribal basis, but to vote with the vision of what our beloved country can become in the next five years – if we continue to follow the downhill path of the present government.

Sheku Lexmond Koroma – SLPP Publicity Secretary (UK/ Ireland)


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