Islamist CDP party presidential running mate accused of unprofessional medical ethics

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 January 2018

Alhaji Musa Tarawally of the Islamist – Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) has announced the name of his presidential running mate for national elections that are due on 7th March 2018. He is Dr. Ibrahim D. Thorlie – medical doctor.

But today’s announcement has been marred by allegations and accusations of destruction of foetuses, illegal termination of pregnancies, and the removal of uteruses of young girls, which critics of the doctor say he committed whilst practicing at the country’s main maternity hospital in Freetown, the PCMH.

But according to the Awareness Times Newspaper, reporting the CDP announcement today: “Dr. Ibrahim D. Thorlie, a renowned Sierra Leonean medical doctor, a World Bank employed Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician and also an academic Ph.D Holder is the Running Mate to the hottest and most topical presidential candidate in Sierra Leone right now, Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally of the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP).”

“Dr. Thorlie is 67 years old and a practising Christian who has worked internationally and locally is currently serving humanity as a Consultant at the PCMH Hospital,” says Awareness Times.

“An Temne indigene of Konkonkay Folawoso Chiefdom in Tonkolili District and an alumni of Magburaka Boys Secondary School, he is a seasoned Administrator who has headed several of the country’s key medical services including the National Referral Hospital for Maternal and Gynaecology patients (P.C.M.H), the National HIV/AIDS Control Programme and the Ministry of Health National Blood Transfusions Unit.

“However, the activity for which Dr. Ibrahim Thorlie is most famous was his selfless sacrifices during the country’s civil war when he volunteered to lead the Tonkolili Civil Defense Group that protected the entire Tonkolili during the crisis. Not only did Dr. Thorlie lead the way in providing support to the volunteer young men of the district but he also created a system by which people fleeing rebel attacks in Tonkolili, were assured of sanctuary in locations he created in Freetown. He swiftly rose to stardom heights with his Tonkolili people because of his patriotism and selflessness.”

Speaking to Awareness Times Newspaper yesterday, 9th January 2018,  the Islamist CDP leader – Alhaji Musa Tarawally, said he has chosen Dr. Thorlie “because he is a patriot who perfectly suits the temperament and qualifications for a loyal Vice-President and also, as a way of highlighting and recognising the selfless role of medical doctors in serving Sierra Leone.

“If the Almighty Allah answers my prayers and allows me to lead Sierra Leone in service to my people, I will make improving on Health services delivery to be a key priority since the first day I enter State House as President.

“That is a promise I am making to women and children of Sierra Leone. My Vice President and I, will see to it that the maternal and child mortality and morbidity indices are improved upon,” Musa Tarawallie told Awareness Times.

But speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph this morning under anonymity, a former colleague of Dr Thorlie at the PCMH hospital in Freetown, expressed horror that Dr. Thorlie could be held as a role model for young aspiring doctors, let alone himself aspiring to become vice president of Sierra Leone.

“Dr Thorlie was trained in Germany.  He is useless. Many women who went to deliver under his care suffered needlessly. Several babies died at birth. He removed the uteruses of young girls. One time there was mass demonstration against him in Freetown. The girl was only 19 when he removed her uterus, so her mother led the campaign to get him struck off,” the former colleague of Dr. Thorlie told the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

But supporters of Dr. Thorlie are dismissing those allegations as political propaganda.

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  1. This man with the CDP party in Sierra Leone is an attempt to bring unrest. Trying to initiate uprising in Sierra Leone by radical sympathizers of the Islamic propaganda and restoration of ISIS. Beware of the ides of March. His visit to the middle east points to radicalization. Observe him.

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