Joseph Kamara says he fully meets the APC criteria for contesting the party’s presidential candidacy race

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 06 June 2017

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of Sierra Leone has told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph that he is “as eligible to contest for any position within the APC, including that of Flagbearer, as much as any other hopeful,” after a story emerged on social media claiming that he is among a group of top APC presidential aspirants that have been disqualified from contesting the party’s 2018 presidential candidacy.

According to Joseph Kamara, the press statement from the APC Secretariat is clear and succinct. He said that he welcomes the news with poise and reaffirms his conviction to support the Party in the decision process, in the quest to choose a Candidate that possess what it takes to win the next election.

“Our people should exercise patience and trust the Leadership of the Party to make the right choice to reflect the will of the Nation,” Joseph Kamara, whom his supporters and admirers believe to be the hope of the people, concluded.

This is the story that is going viral on social media – alleging that: ‘Kelfala Marah, John Sisay, JFK , Kalokoh disqualified…APC qualifies VP Foh, Alpha Khan, Minkailu Mansaray & Petito’.

These are the flag bearer candidates that were vetted and deemed qualified by the NAC to contest for flag bearer:

VP Victor Bockarie Foh (Photo) – Qualified. Citation: Has been very instrumental and pivotal in the re-establishment of the APC after years of political oblivion following the coup which toppled the party in 1992. The current Vice President has since his swearing in demonstrated that he has no other agenda than to follow through with the agenda of the president. His exemplary work at the APC Secretariat when he was National Secretary General for several years saw the party win two consecutive elections among other positive developments both for the party and for the country.

Minkailu Mansaray – Qualified. Citation: Loyal, dedicated and determined to ensure President Koroma’s development agendas for Sierra Leone are followed through.

Alpha Khan – Qualified. Citation: For past nine months and even before this time, he has been resolutely following HE and dutifully carrying out his duties without questioning. Has been a very good apprentice to the president.

Alimamy Koroma aka Petito – Qualified. Citation: Dutiful, dedicated and promoter of APC anywhere he finds himself. He has been diligent and has greatly sacrificed his personal time, energy and funds to the progress of the party

Below are the names of those aspiring flag bearers that were disqualified by the NAC to contest for flagbearer:

Kelfala Marah – Betrayed the president’s trust for political gain. Shameful! Not qualified.

John Sisay (Photo) – Destroyed the economy for political gain. He also betrayed youths and women by pretending to support them financially and otherwise when in actual fact, he never meant a word of what he said. Shameful! Not qualified.

Joseph F. Kamara – Accused of backdating his membership in the APC; an accusation which as Attorney General and Minister of Justice he has not been able to defend or deny. He has of late been. abandoning his duties to engage in loud public campaigns which have a political undertone, rather than a genuine show of reforming the judiciary and its systems and processes. Shameful! Not qualified.

Kalokoh – Found to be indebted to the APC in terms of failing to pay his membership due for the past seven years and yet he wants to lead others. Shameful! Not qualified owe-monger. Pay your dues before you think of going for flag bearer. (End of story).

But a senior executive member of the APC party’s national advisory council told the Sierra Leone Telegraph that this story is false, and did not come from the NAC.

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