Kambia Constituency 062 nominates Kandeh Yumkella for Member of Parliament

Anthony Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 January 2018

Sierra Leonean born National Grand Coalition (NGC) presidential candidate, Kandeh Yumkella, has formally been nominated by residents of Constituency 062, Samu Chiefdom in Kambia District to represent them as Member of Parliament (MP).

Speaking to reporters shortly after the nomination process ended, an emotional Yumkella expressed his excitement at this historic nature of the moment but was also forced to recall how political forces prevented his father, PC Bai Sebora Yumkella, about 40 years ago from being nominated as he and many others were chased out of town resulting in the death of an uncle.

“Thus, I am happy that I am here today with my 80-year old mother to witness this moment once again,” he said.

Addressing NGC supporters outside Kambia’s National Election Commission (NEC) – Yumkella told elated fans that he is happy to have completed the requirements to be nominated later today in Freetown as Presidential nominee for the March 7, 2018 elections.

That his father was not accorded this opportunity, he expressed optimism that democracy is returning to Sierra Leone expressing confidence that he has nothing to be afraid of as rumours suggest his trip to Freetown may be hindered by thugs hired to prevent him from arriving in Freetown on time for his nomination.

Describing his nomination day as a march for freedom from the bondage of corruption, shackles of endemic poverty and a return to Constitutionality and rule of law, Yumkella said  the “Time for Change” has indeed come and the NGC is the only party that can provide Hope, Opportunity and Transformation for the mineral resource rich Sierra Leone.

Dr. Yumkella departs Kambia now for Freetown, to carry out his presidential nomination at the National Elections Commission Headquarters.

En route to Freetown, Andrew Keili, Yumkella’s chosen running mate who is himself returning to Freetown from Moyamba District in Southern Province, will meet Dr. Yumkella at Masiaka from where they will both lead the presidential convoy.

Editor’s Note

Anthony Kamara, Jnr reports from Kambia District National Elections Commission Office en route to Freetown.


  1. Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkellah speaks to the people about issues that matter to them, the ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

    He talks absolute sense with plausible explanations which the layman can understand and had won the hearts of progressive Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country, the youths and the middle-aged.

    His steadfast resolve for social and economic transformation of our land, coming from his messages, leaves no doubt that he is the most fitted to take the next mantle of government in Sierra Leone.

    NGC KKY will walk into state house on 7 March this year.

  2. Thank God Sierra Leoneans have a better choice this time, rather than voting for more of the same corrupt parties, which has been APC or SLPP. May God help us vote in a leader that will always work in the progressive interest of Sierra Leone.

  3. Henceforth, there shall not be anymore dull moment in Sierra Leone’s politics – even after the elections. Kandeh Yumkella is the responsible factor. His two pronged attack to become a mainstay in the country’s political scene either as president or MP is sending the establishment into a tailspin and nightmare.

    Anybody who doubts Kandeh’s overall fitness for State House is devoid of any semblance of objectivity, which dims such a person’s ability to discern the stagnation to which the country has been subjected for the greater part of six decades. The stagnation, indeed the regression that accompanied it, was triggered by Siaka Stevens, while immersed in a sustained effort to stifle all opposition.

    Kandeh is already exhibiting an important quality which a head of state must posses: If there is an issue of national concern, he immediately takes to the airwaves to explain, justify and, if need be, reassure and calm the populace. I cannot recall a single time [I stand corrected] when Earnest Koroma has demonstrated such a quality.

    Is there anyone who can now challenge Kandeh’s nationality after his remarkable press conference? Certainly the people of constituency 062 have no questions in this regard even if APC declare Kandeh a Brazilian in the next few minutes.

    Carry on Kandeh. You are the next President of Sierra Leone, because this time we are not Mende, Temne ,Limba, Fullah, Loko, Susu or anything else, but Sierra Leoneans who are sick of corruption and backwardness.

  4. Dr. Yumkella should be employed as a lecturer at the University of FBC. He wouldn’t be good to lead the government of our Great Republic of SIERRA LEONE. Why? Because he talks too much. Its only a lecturer that can talk the way he is. So let’s get him on to FBC please guys.

  5. Surely he’s the chosen one from God. Am filled with tears, and I know God is watching. I always ask God that if KKY is real on all that he is saying, then let no man stop him. But as you can see, with all the APC 99 tactics, he’s still on the go. God bless you papa. God bless Sierra Leone.

  6. Dr. Kandeh Yumkella most genuinely deserves it. He is God’s grace to Sierra Leone. He will be the hope for the hopeless, job for the jobless and voice for the voiceless.

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