Kemoh Sesay calls for APC party unity amid attempts by ruling SLPP to  destroy the party 

Andrew Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26th December 2023:

Alhaji Honourable Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay delivered a robust address yesterday 25th December, 2023,  to members of the main opposition APC party who are currently advocating for the removal of the 2023 Leader and Presidential Candidate – Dr Samura Kamara, by invoking Article 47a(IV) of the APC 2022 constitution.

According to Article 47a(IV) of the APC 2022 constitution, if the National Leader fails to be elected President of Sierra Leone, they are obligated to relinquish the position six months after the final declaration of the election results by the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone.

However, Alhaji Honourable Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay (Photo) emphasized the necessity of understanding the context of this constitutional provision. He pointed out that the clause specifically pertains to instances where the National Leader loses an election.

In the case at hand Sesay said, the June 23rd 2023 multi-tier elections faced complications, marked by irregularities.

Consequently, a tripartite committee was established by the government, APC and the international community to investigate these electoral irregularities and propose comprehensive recommendations to address them.

He pleads to party members and supporters to accept that until such time that the outcome of the 2023 elections are resolved through the tripartite review, Dr Samura Kamara must remian the leader of the APC party.

Sesay argued that the emphasis should be on the ongoing investigations by the tripartite committee, aiming to ensure electoral integrity in Sierra Leone.

By underlining the complexities and irregularities surrounding the June elections, he is urging APC party members to recognize that the situation goes beyond a simple electoral loss.

The tripartite committee’s role, as he highlighted, is pivotal in addressing these irregularities and securing the party’s future.

In essence, Sesay cautioned against a premature interpretation of constitutional clauses, emphasizing the need to await the findings and recommendations of the ongoing investigations.

His stance is grounded on the broader objective of preserving the APC’s integrity and averting potential disruptions that could arise from hasty decisions. By advocating for patience and respect for due process, Alhaji Honourable Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay aims to steer the party towards a well-informed and measured approach at this critical period.

In a message recorded by himself, addressing the nation and the international community, Kemoh Sesay strongly deniew any involvement of the APC in the alleged plot to overthrow the government, allegations he believe is mired in government confusion and propaganda designed to destroy the APC.

You can listen to the audio recording below:

As a follow-up to the above audio recorded by Kemoh Sesay, and in response to the contentious discussions surrounding leadership transition within the APC, Alhaji Honourable Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay has offered further elucidation on Article 47a (iv) of the APC constitution during a follow-up to the above audio message recorded yesterday December 25, 2023.

The following exchange occurred today, December 26, 2023, with me, APC Sweden District Secretary General, Comrade Andrew Kamara, on this auspicious Boxing Day.

Kemoh Sesay speaks to APC Sweden District Secretary General Andrew Kamara – 26 Dec 2023:



  1. How can the APC come to power when it has reduced itself to a pressure group. One cannot propagate democratic values, and principles when he/she cannot uphold or believe in one.
    First, it was the allegations of thieving votes, next the coup was stage managed, and then not publicly condemning Adebayor for his vitriol hate messages. Instead, some avowed bigoted editor minimizes his excesses as a tirade that doesn’t require tribal response, notwithstanding the countless amount of lives lost via his hate messages.
    How can a sane person believe that the APC is a formidable party capable of winning elections. The APC never canvassed the South-East to court potential voters, instead they relied on propaganda and over confidence that western countries (United States)would prefer a regime change in Sierra Leone.
    What a misguided strategy, and to make matters worse associated itself with a buffoon blogger. To this day, no APC member have come out to publicly denounce/condemn him for fanning ethnic sensitives. Its like the “Boy who cried wolf” and when the real wolf came out didn’t know what to do.
    So for those advocating violence, and ethnic tension in Sierra Leone whether literate or otherwise you are as culpable as ADEBAYOR. We all know the APC gravy train had been out of service for a while now but there are other means of making decent living.
    If I offended you then probably you need to make a positive change. All is not lost, I believe in democracy, and I do believe if the APC position themselves as a party of national character then they might have a shot-Sierra Leoneans are forgiving people.

  2. Seton During, I know where you are coming from . Seeing the violence perpetrated at the Capitol by President Trump going largely unpunished adds to the pile of bad precedents. Sierra Leone indeed is a test case as well .

    But do not forget the lesson in MACBETH. Violence begets violence . Macbeth takes the throne by violence and he opens the way for others to try to take the throne by violence also . To avoid being overthrown by violence, Macbeth must commit more violence and more violence until violence is all he has left and he himself is undone by violence.

    We have the examples of SAMUEL K. DOE, MOAMER GHADDAFFI and SADAM HUSSEIN.

    Violence is not a good method to use to gain power or consolidate it. We condemn military coups in the same breath that we condemn electoral coups. Violence is not needed anywhere. We continue to emphasize and proclaim the supremacy of the BALLOT BOX. It should be the only route to legitimate power. Let us all eschew violence because it only leads to the blind alley of more violence.

    Amb. Wilfred Leeroy Kabs Kanu

  3. I was as a kid taught that “violence does not pay”! I/We are now learning AGAIN that violence pays if you can establish and sustain overwhelming superior violence indefinitely as currently typified by happenstances within Sierra Leone, and, The Middle East! I am all ears about a credible tested and proven alternative. Seton During.


    One of the fabled axioms of journalism from the inception of the media has been PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED and I am very delighted and gratified that other journalists are leaving no stone unturned to follow the axiom by saying it as it is, never mind the many sycophantic news outlets and blogs supporting Maada Bio’s perfidy in Sierra Leone . The days are gone when only one journalist is tarred and feathered for pulling the carpet from under Maada Bio.

    Thanks to you, Publisher Abdul Rashid Thomas for your PUBLISH- AND – BE – DAMNED attitude to the misgovernance, witch hunts, human rights abuses and destruction of democracy in our beloved Mama Sierra Leone by the Bio oligarchy. Continue to stand for the truth by publishing it as it is. There must be no respite for the wicked.

    It is very true that Bio is trying to destroy the APC. This demonic SLPP President and his party came to power with a demonstrated diabolical vengeance and ambition to destroy the APC. But Bio is an imbecile who does not see beyond his nose. He has done everything to destroy the APC but the party rather remains unconquerable and growing in international goodwill.

    Maada Bio put every machinery in place to cheat the APC during the 2023 elections, including staging a criminal census and bogus registration process but the SLPP still could not defeat the APC and Bio had to steal the elections and risk the international condemnation, isolation and sanctions he and his government have been receiving from the U. S and the international community since his broad daylight robbery .

    When will Pa Wonie Bio’s undemocratic and nebulous son learn that he cannot destroy the APC ? He has done everything but the APC , even with all the sellouts by some of its leading actors and actresses , has kept its head proudly above water . Through trying to destroy the APC, Bio has done incalculable harm to himself and his party. Do not mind the noise of the SLPP blood hounds on social media. They know they are not succeeding.

    The realization has dawned on them that they cannot destroy the APC. The harder the try, the stronger the APC gets and the more sympathy and support from the international community. Look at the mediated inter party dialogue and the communique initiated by the international community.

    Who would have expected that when ECOWAS sent a concerned team of Presidents ( Senegal’ s Macky Sall and Ghana’s Nana Akuffo Addo) to Sierra Leone over the weekend, the team did not only hold closed door meetings with Bio but even former President Ernest Koroma, whom the SLPP wants to destroy by associating him with a bogus coup attempt. If ECOWAS could hold a closed door meeting with Ernest Koroma under the present restricted and accused circumstances EBK is presently facing , what should that tell Maada Bio ? It is not working, old boy.

    APC cannot be destroyed and will definitely return to power in Sierra Leone and bring joy back to our people.


    • At the same time some of your men are calling for unity, what does that mean to you? There is a big gap of division in the APC party, the main causer is the life chairman that is in custody for the alleged failed coup plot. I’m 100% confident that you guys are secretly happy for his detention in so called house arrest in a civilize way.

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