Kenema prepares big welcome for Alie Kabba

Alie Kabba Campaign Team

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 May 2016

Alie Kabba in Bo3

Today Saturday, 28th of May, 2016, in the bustling Eastern City of Kenema, Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba will take the stage to formally declare his intention to run for the SLPP flag and, ultimately, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. (Photo: The people of Bo welcomed Alie Kabba early this year). 

For Alie, seeking  the presidency of  our beloved but deprived country is not a hunt for personal trophy, but a search for national  salvation.

As the fastest growing campaign on the ground, the Alie Kabba Campaign owes its upward rise to  consistent adherence to an all-inclusive mantra of “everyone in, no one out; everyone up, no one down.”

Although the remaining stretch of this “long walk to freedom and progress” may yet prove to be the longest and the hardest, there can be no doubt that the last few steps leading to today have been very testing but unwaveringly solid.

It is a given that every next step will be one taken with an increasing solidity of purpose and perseverance that will never succumb to or be subdued by the prevailing challenges of our times.

Everyday, in many ways, we are reminded over and over again by the grueling facts of our grinding times that, if we must survive and thrive as a nation,  we would need to unchain ourselves from the strangulating yoke of  corrosive corruption and injustice.

The ordinary people are hungry and thirsty all across the land. The buckets of government lies are plenty and empty. Our country is suffering and sinking in a sickening sea of hopelessness.

Alie Kabba 1That is why Alie Kabba and a steadily increasing number of patriotic Sierra Leoneans believe that, a united SLPP under the leadership of a radical progressive visionary is the right key to reversing this ugly trend and solving many of our nation’s
mounting challenges.

The words of Bockarie Samba, one of the  SLPP delegates who would be casting his vote to determine the direction of the Party and perhaps the country, are worth weighing: “We like Alie Kabba not only because he says what we feel, but more so because we believe what he says.” Adding: “We are happy and proud to welcome this unbendable son of the soil home, and to help him win this big battle for us.”

Echoing a similar sentiment,  Mrs Miatta Foday, a retired secondary school teacher and now a key opinion leader in the district, had this to say: “I have known Alie for many, many years. I have no doubt that he is one person who will do whatever he says he is going to do, and he will do it right.”

As he stands to unequivocally announce his intention to lead the country, Alie Kabba knows that he will be standing for and articulating the hopes and dreams of millions of Sierra Leoneans throughout the country, who are completely fed up with this crippling system and want a radical break from politics as usual.

Alie Kabba at Chatham House1

More than three decades ago, as a young student in Kenema, Alie stood up firmly and fearlessly to speak truth to power at a time when a brutal dictatorship reigned supreme in the country. And he did it with courage, clarity, honesty, consistency and integrity.

Today, he will stand up again in the same city to ask Sierra Leoneans to walk with him to a brighter tomorrow. And, from all reports on the ground, THEY WILL.


One Country, One People!!


  1. I admire Alie Kabba for his strong courage and unwavering determination to bring change in the system of governance in the country. He is winning the hearts of the people as he address issues that really matter to Sierra Leoneans in general. And he is acting bravely on the ground.

    He pinpoints the flaws and failures of the incumbent APC government and the causes of our social problems and proposes sound and viable solutions to address our national woes, caused by a deficient two party system of politics which had weaken the very foundation of the state.

    His promises and intention of driving Sierra Leone forward to progress and prosperity seem credible but, only if given the chance by his party stalwart, especially the grandees to put the right polices in place. This may mean a total change of mindset and the political culture.

    We can hardly see this to happen any time soon. Sierra Leone right now is in political crossroads, people have serious doubts about the APC’s and SLPP’s political will to usher in the change Sierra Leoneans desire and crave for.

    We may believe and trust a presidential candidate, but for critical minds this trust falls short with the political party. This is why I personally believe – and like a lot of people, that a viable solution to the nation’s perennial state is for the emergence of a third political party of a new generation of politicians with credible and competent leadership to pose serious challenge to the traditional parties. This may help to change the mindset of politicians to be more responsible.

    One thing our politicians must bear in mind is that politics in itself is not about the demonstration and exhibition of academic credentials. The people constantly are demanding solutions to problems that directly affects their social wellbeing. And government must respond to address their concern adequately.

    This is what is far from being delivered by successive governments over the decades. This is why a change must come in 2018.

  2. Alie Kabbah is indeed a visionary leader. I have consistently followed his utterances since he entered the race for the flagbearership of our great party-SLPP.

    In all his public statements, he has never openly attack the personality of any of his colleague contenders, which leaves me with the distinct impression that he is a highly matured politician.

    He has let Sierra Leoneans know and understand that, politics is about issues not personality. Keep on keeping on Alie, we are solidly behind you. Sierra Leone at the moment need a leader like you, with exemplary leadership qualities.

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