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Sierra Leone government condemns political killing in Kenema

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 May 2015 The brutal killing of an opposition SLPP supporter last Friday in Sierra Leone, is a grave cause of concern and worry for millions of Sierra Leoneans, whose dream of a politically progressive nation has in the last ten years been tested by the bad [Read More]

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Sierra Leone’s future is being lost to greedy and selfish demons

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 May 2015 You know what? Sierra Leone is not cursed as some would like to believe. It is our mentality to anything Sierra Leone, and our collective antics that are the cause of the warped society and governance that we now have to [Read More]

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An open letter to retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio

Yankuba Kai-Samba Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 May 2016 The police force in Sierra Leone should not dismiss the persistent and continuing violence and murders, alleged to have been perpetrated by supporters of the 2012 failed presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), who is now also intending to [Read More]

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Political violence in Sierra Leone? – one man dead

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 May 2016 Police in Sierra Leone are investigating the gruesome death of a young man in the south-eastern city of Kenema, which took place yesterday. (Photo: President Koroma receiving political violence investigation report a few years ago from the head of the country’s police). There are [Read More]

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Sierra Leone presidential hopeful Alie Kabba to launch his leadership campaign

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 May 2016 Alie Kabba will formally declare his candidacy for the opposition SLPP presidential flagbearership on Saturday, 28th May, 2016, in the south-eastern city of Kenema. His formal declaration will come well in advance of the party national convention, where delegates from across Sierra Leone, will [Read More]

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Sierra Leone and Guinea exchanged gunshots at the high seas over Chinese fishermen

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 May 2016 It was just a matter of time for gun violence to erupt in Sierra Leone’s coastal waters, involving illegal Chinese fishing trawlers and banditry. According to report from Reuters, armed Guinean soldiers and their Sierra Leone counterparts opened fire at each other, when the [Read More]

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Africa’s rising middle class – time to sort out fact from fiction

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 May 2016 In several African countries, the rise of a middle-class or middle-income earning group is significantly noticeable. Go to Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Angola, and the evidence can be seen, thanks largely to a huge increase in GDP, fuelled by foreign investments and an expansion [Read More]

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This is Britain’s most talented family – they are of Sierra Leonean-Caribbean origin

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 May 2016 It is difficult to think of any good story making global news headline about or linked to Sierra Leone in almost a decade, after a brutal civil war that destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. If news making the rounds from [Read More]