An open letter to retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio

Yankuba Kai-Samba

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 May 2016

Maada Bio and President Koroma

The police force in Sierra Leone should not dismiss the persistent and continuing violence and murders, alleged to have been perpetrated by supporters of the 2012 failed presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), who is now also intending to contest the 2018 presidential candidacy, as a mere intra-party matter.

They should treat this as a threat to the rule of law in Sierra Leone, with wider ramification for individual freedom of liberty as enshrined in both our national and the SLPP’s constitutions, as well as for peace in the entire country.

Since 2010 when the last SLPP flag bearer election was conducted, the SLPP has experienced an idiotic and destructive spate of intra-party violence, intimidation and profanity, never seen before in the party’s leadership election.

I have once served as the SLPP UK secretary general, and am still a registered member in Freetown. But never in our history have we seen this kind of grotesque violence that is now tearing the very foundation of the party.

What is most disturbing is that these damaging and violent behaviours have gone on for far too long, with the National Executive of the party failing to instill discipline or censure the paopa leader – Julius Bio, even when prima facie evidence suggested that he had given directives to his supporters to be rough with his critics.

johnbenjaminIn an interview in Freetown following the stabbing and murder in Kenema city on 27 May 2016 of a supporter of another SLPP flag bearer aspirant – Mr John Benjamin (Photo), Julius Bio in his usual deceitful manner condemned the action of his supporter.

But it is important to note that the Assistant Inspector General of Police – Karrow Kamara in Kenema, said that the assailant is a supporter of Julius Bio, whilst the victim is a supporter of John Benjamin.

To show that Julius Bio is directly responsible for the conduct of his supporters, his statement in a video clip recorded in London in which he called on his supporters not to be calm with those who criticise him, whilst he as their leader would remain calm,  is an incitement to violence. The opposite of calm is active, violence and turbulence.

One cannot condemned the actions of his supporters for acts of violence, when he is urging them not to be calm, which is a metaphorical way of telling them to attack those who do not  support him.

This is an obscene and dangerous hypocrisy for someone who wants to become president of Sierra Leone.  Attached is a clip of Julius Bio’s video statement.

These attacks are not new, nor sporadic, but a covertly organised campaign of violence and intimidation by Julius Bio’s campaign team against rival flagbearer aspirants and their supporters.

I have been a victim of these attacks and intimidation, when Bio’s supporters took to insulting my mother on Facebook.

The PAOPAS, as they have been dubbed in Sierra Leone, are a minority violent faction within the SLPP, whose conducts and behaviours work against the core values of inclusiveness, tolerance, respect for due process and one nation philosophy.

PAOPA in Sierra Leone language means to pursue a stated objective at all cost, including violence. This is usually backed by militancy to achieve such aim.

Several of these reported cases of attacks have resulted in serious injuries to persons, which have led to hospitalisation for some of the victims since 2010.  The police force in Sierra Leone has some of these cases still on their file, so I do not need to name all the victims.

However, I draw your attention to the case of  Jaiah Sundafu Koroma, a supporter of one of the SLPP leadership aspirant – Andrew Keili. Jaiah was attacked by supporter of Julius Bio with a chair   smashed on his head, which left him bleeding.

Among other party officials and members who have been attacked by supporters of Julius Bio are the former National Chairman of SLPP – John Benjamin, Josephus – former NEC member, the  widow of the late president Kabba – I J Jabbi-Kabba.

And last year, an attempted murder outside the law courts in Freetown on Dr John Karimu, former NUP party presidential candidate and now SLPP; and the  mother of former UNIDO  director – Dr Kandeh Yumkella, whose late husband Paramount Chief Yumkella was a founding member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party. Dr Yumkella is also a leading aspirant for the SLPP leadership.

Dr sama BanyaSuch has been the scale and persistence from this violent faction that, a grandee of the party – Dr Sama Siama Banya (Photo) – a British trained medical doctor and former foreign minister of Sierra Leone in President Kabba’s SLPP government, was compelled to write an open letter to Julius Bio, warning him of the violent conducts of his supporters.

Dr Banya had supported Julius Bio for the SLPP leadership in 2011. Attached is the open letter published in the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

Due to the history of violence associated with Julius Bio and his PAOPA factions in the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), I feel threatened as I am and have been one of his main critics opposed to his campaign to lead my party again, having taken us to the worst  defeat for the party in competitive national elections in 2012.

To the Sierra Leone police force:

You have a constitutional duty to protect the public from criminals and political thuggery. Perpetrators of violence should be apprehended, charged and dealt with in accordance with the law.

The violence against rival SLPP members and supporters should be treated as a threat to the rule of law and peace of the nation. In this regard, the leader of the PAOPA faction – Julius Bio should be arrested and question in the light of this murder, and his video statement inciting his supporters to violence.

To the British Home Secretary Rt Hon Theresa May and the security agencies in Britain:

I draw your attention to the video clip in which Julius Bio as a student at Bradford University had incited his followers to disturb public peace, by directing them not to be calm against his critics.  As a British citizen of Sierra Leonean descent and as a critic of Julius Bio’s campaign to lead a party in Sierra Leone of which I am a member, I feel threatened by his video statement.

Maada Bio and President KoromaTo president Koroma:

You took an oath of office after your election to the office of president of Sierra Leone, to protect the people of Sierra Leone and their human rights. Many of your fellow citizens,, although they belong to a rival political party – the SLPP , are not enjoying the right to freely associate, free speech or support a candidate of their choice. They are being subjected to violent attacks, resulting in the latest death of a young man for not supporting Julius Bio.

To the minister of the Interior in Sierra Leone – Palo Conteh:

In your recent statement, you promised to deal with indiscipline and lawlessness in the country firmly. I support you in that, as long as it is impartial, judicious and tendered with fairness and justice.

To the SLPP National Executive in Sierra Leone:

You have the responsibility to ensure the party is properly organised and ready to win the next national elections. To achieve this, you need to be non-partisan and must promote individual flag bearer’s interest above the party.

Discipline, professionalism and adherence to the principles of good administration, and the party’s core values should be vigorously protected when under attack.

To this extent, it is my honest submission that there is a strong case for Julius Bio, on whose behalf and with his tacit approval – his supporters have been attacking party members of the National Executive, to expel him from the SLPP.

The killing of a party member by a supporter of Julius Bio is a heinous crime. And Bio himself, if he has any decency left in him, should remove himself from the SLPP race and not wait for an expulsion.

It is time to rein in on political violence and lawlessness. Only then can the SLPP restore its values and win the trust of the people of Sierra Leone, as a credible alternative to the APC administration come 2018 general elections.

Yankuba Kai-Samba

Former SLPP UK and Ireland branch


  1. So far no one – just no one – has directly linked Maada Bio to the fatal stabbing which took place in Kenema. As far as can be ascertained, the murderer is a supporter of Bio, but did the latter ever give direct instructions to the former to perpetrate the crime?

    If so , where and when? Has the murderer ever had any direct contact with Bio? If so, what was the nature of the dialogue that took place? Is the murderer an employee of Bio? If so, what is his job description? Are there laws in Sierra Leone which unambiguously stipulate that the actions of a political supporter can be blamed on the politician he supports?

    Unless these questions are addressed by Francis Munu, the Inspector General of Police and his gang, Maada Bio should be left alone. In other words, they should either arrest him in connection with the stabbing or let him be.The stabbing was a pure criminal offense. Francis Munu must get off his backside and do some work for a change.

    God knows that I politically detested Siaka Stevens, but one thing I shall always say in his favour is that he knew how to deal with violence with refreshing ruthlessness. All the murders with impunity which are a daily occurrence these days in the country would have been a nightmare for the perpetrators under Siaka Stevens’ watch.

    But President Koroma reacts in extremely slow motion – when he reacts at all.

  2. Mohamed Koroma:

    Let me quickly respond to your very unfortunate, beggarly and wonky comments on the current political mishappenings that are wrangling Sierra Leone today. You are a bigot and political scumbag. Your reference of me in your awkward and twisted little piece, as follows, is seedy and pathetic:

    “As for Mustache, I do not intend to engage in his ‘misguided narrations’ about Kandeh Yumkellah. All I want to tell him for the record is that Kandeh must find himself lucky to have been even allowed by this same present SLPP administration, headed and manipulated by Chief Somano Kapen ‘to register’ with this decent party, after he Kandeh had deliberately lied that he was a registered member and later proven to be untrue.

    In short, ‘he should not have been allowed to register.’ This is a man or politician who does not have even a ‘kitchen’ in the chiefdom he claims to hail from.”

    You need to read the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and see the requirements for the Presidency of the nation. Whether having a ‘kitchen’ in the country is included. Shame on you!

    You know nothing about Julius Bio, who has only INHERITED property from his Late father Chief Charlie Bio of Sogbeni Chiefdom, Bonthe District. If he becomes President of Sierra Leone, the country will be riddled with so much violence, thievery and immorality beyond description. May God forbid that from happening. Amen.

    In addition, there is a huge gulf between Julius Bio and Chief Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella- the unparalleled, paragon of excellence and political candidate of our time in the 21st century.

    Grow up Mohamed Koroma, and stop being petty.

    Suffice it to say that Julius Bio is “lucky” to be out campaigning among the presidential aspirants of our democracy in Sierra Leone. For he, like former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, should be in custody due to the recent reckless killing of Mohamed Karim aka Daddy George in Kenema.

    Of course, the buck stops with Julius Bio. For he is the leader of his political faction and must be held accountable for the blood of the deceased, Mohamed Karim.

    The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) must act now by issuing a warrant of arrest on Julius Bio as quickly as possible. The decency of Law and Order are at stake.

    President Ernest Koroma:

    You sanctioned the arrest and lock up Dr. Alie Kabba on a bigamy charge that has no merit. Why not arrest Julius M. Bio for the reckless killing of Mohamed Karim – aka Daddy George in Kenema, to send a strong message to ALL other political contenders for the presidency?

    Is Bio above the Laws of Sierra Leone and must go scot free of this crime committed against a fellow citizen?

    Please, Sir, the people of Sierra Leone would like to hear from you on this very sensitive matter as soon as possible.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Aggrieved and Upset Citizen.

  3. I have carefully read and analyzed all comments put forward by those who unfortunately shared the views expressed here by Yankuba Kaisamba, under the cap ‘open letter to Rtd. Brigadier Maada Bio’. My brief comment to this letter is as follows:

    Firstly, I want to remind Mr. Kaisamba that the Sierra Leone Police is a force fully trained and capable to deal with matters of national interest countrywide. They are not here to entertain and to act on your personal grudges harbored unnecessarily for people you do not like.

    I must also remind you that if any, the military and the police force are a better judge to speak out about Maada’s character, not people like you who only came to know this man as Military leader who later became the president of this country.

    Secondly, I want to also remind you that the National Executive Counsel (NEC) of our party consists of decent, responsible and respectable men and women with their wits about them, focused on the party winning the 2018 General elections behind the popular candidate and not the unpopular candidate.

    They were not elected to think so narrowly like some of us do. They are to think broadly, and to analyze every given situation and act accordingly. This is the reason why they frequently meet as often as possible to discuss issues relating and affecting the party and party members.

    Some of us admire their commitments and courage to the party under the prevailing economic circumstances under the present dispensation, with respect to the way they are conducting the affairs of the party. We therefore must be seen to respecting and appreciating their good and selfless work for the good of the party.

    Thirdly, it pays to wait for facts rather than jumping into conclusion, which may come to haunt you later. This is a social media and readers assess us on what we say and what we stand for.

    This unfortunate incident happened just few days ago. Arrests were made by the police who subsequently launched an investigation into the matter. The police had not even go halfway through their investigation, but the most reverend Judges in the persons of John Benjamin and Kaisamba had already indicted Maada to be culpable as accessories before the fact.

    Is this good for our peace building mission? Can I invite Mr. Kaisamba to linkup with John Benjamin who is in a perfect position to apprise him with the facts that is coming out now. I mean the whole truth about John Benjamins’ activities prior to the Kenema meeting.

    The mobilisation of his Freetown and Segbwema thugs to disrupt the Kenema meeting. The connection of the victim with the APC party and John Benjamin. May be this will help Kaisamba to eat his words and perhaps to retract his so called ‘open letter to Maada Bio’ and publicly apologize.

    Fourthly, needless to tell Kaisamba about the strength of the Paopa group in Sierra Leone. May be John Benjamin will be decent to tell him the naked truth. But I want to assure Kaisamba that Kandeh Yumkellah is no where near what you describe him as ‘leading aspirant of the SLPP leadership contest. Perhaps I should refer you to the very Kandeh himself who will be kind enough to tell you that HE IS NOT.

    Ref. Gbessay’s comment: During the last election, in Bo City, Maada was attacked and stoned by an APC supporter but no one cast blame on President Ernest Koroma. Food for thought for Kaisamba.

    As for Mustache, I do not intend to engage in his misguided narrations about Kandeh Yumkellah. All I want to tell him for the record is that Kandeh must find himself lucky to have been even allowed by this same present SLPP administration, headed and manipulated by Chief Somano Kapen to register with this decent party, after he Kandeh had deliberately lied that he was a registered member and later proven to be untrue.

    In short, he should not have been allowed to register. This is a man or politician who does not have even a kitchen in the chiefdom he claims to hail from.

    As for Abdul Kabbia, I am confused about the use of the PPRC code of conduct quoted by you. I wonder how relevant this conduct is to the present discussions.

    Finally, gentlemen, it is high time we come together and rally behind the most popular candidate and put behind us all these selfish issues. I can assure you, even the candidates that you are supporting are not in compromise with some of your write ups. We need to change and grow. Thank you.

  4. Sam Momoh – I truly felt your wish of the next Head of State of Sierra Leone hailing from the Western, Southern or Eastern province of Sierra Leone. But I presume that you are biased, as there are highly qualified candidates that were born in these regions and have enrolled to be selected as presidential flag-bearers of their respected parties like Dr Jonathan Tengbeh, Mr John Karimu, etc of the SLPP Party and maybe Mr Victor Foh of the APC Party, who knows.

    If you are truly sincere and law abiding citizen of the SLPP party, then you should not be supporting Bio to contest this second term as flag-bearer as Solomon Berewah did in 2007.

  5. Gbessay Ehlogima Sam Momoh:

    According to newspapers reports, the person who violently stabbed and killed Mohamed Karim aka Daddy George is called Mohamed Fonnie Jr. aka Abacha. You feel me now? I hope so. That aside, if you truly believe that: “It is premature to link the action of one man to that of a ‘leader’ who that person supports,” then why, for God sake, is former President Laurent Gbagbo, 4th Leader of Ivory Coast for 11 years, in prison today in the Hague Netherlands? Did he shoot and kill anyone? Absolutely not! But, why? You tell me.

    I know you studied English at NUC and have a BA Ed. from then USL. Do you mean that the advice or counsel of Dr. Sama Banya to Julius Bio was done out of “grudge?” Please give me a break! Anyway, wait and see. For you will soon find Julius Bio locked up behind bars.

    Bio has got nothing to expose or reveal, except political lies and deceptions of himself.

    You still continue to attack and malign Alhaji Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella for no good reason whatsoever. Are you afraid of him, and jealous of his meritorious conduct of life? Please STOP that and come back to your senses like the prodigal son in Luke 15.

    Additionally, know that Tambakha is an amalgamation of two Chiefdoms, Samaia and Fintonia, which comprise lower and upper Tambakha. Fintonia is referred to as the grassland and Samaia, the spice land. The families of the two Chiefdoms maintain strong linkages preceding the amalgamation. There is not a clear distinction between which families are from which Chiefdoms, as both were so heavily interlinked.

    You saying that Tambakha is “the least developed Chiefdom in Sierra Leone” makes me know that you are not telling the truth. For you are a small time liar and distortionist.

    “Let us wait and see the result of the flag bearer election. Many of the old politicians including those who have handled the mantle of leadership in the SLPP hate Maada, because of his disciplinarian principles. He is a man of principles and will fight corrupt Sierra Leoneans who view politics as a means through which they will make money and become rich.

    Let us also ensure that politics is some how regionally balanced. We have had all the presidents in Sierra Leone “haling” from the North – example: President Siaka P Stevens, President Joseph Momoh, President Tejan Kabbah and President Ernest Koroma.

    Let us give chance this time to either the Westerner, Easterner and Southerner to lead this nation from any of the political parties. Let us tour the regions and see the kind of regional development manifested during President Koroma’s regime.”

    Has “Let us…” now become part of your diction, Mr. Criminal Liar?

    For your information, both Presidents Siaka P. Stevens and Tejan Kabbah were from Moyamba and Kailahun districts, respectively. They were NOT from the North. Shame on you!

  6. Let us be very careful how we judge things, and how we perceive them. How can the action of one man be attributed or linked to a political aspirant? We should also not forget individual differences and disposition to issues, as they perceive them or how individuals respond to provocations.

    All of you did not mention the individual who did this act. I am interested in knowing the person who stabbed and killed his victim.

    It is premature to link the action of one man to that of a leader who that person supports. During the last election, Maada was attacked and stoned by supporters of the APC. But nobody cast the blame on President Ernest Koroma.

    I have opened the link provided, but the statement is not directly linked to violence as you have presented it. If you tell your supporters not to be calm, does not mean to attack, but to defend the series of allegations levied against Maada.

    Maada was asked by his supporters not to make any statement, because people judge you either by your action or what you say. He will remain calm, but his supporters will defend his cause and plan for this nation at all times.

    I also see the grudge manifested here by Dr Sama against Maada. These are old politicians who still do not want young men to lead this nation. Trust me, Maada is going to expose a lot of corrupt practices and this nation will flourish if he is given the chance.

    As for Kandeh Yumkella, having acquired so much degrees, certificates, wealth and money from the UN and still working with the UN, let him manifest his commitment to rebuilding this nation by first rehabilitating the ferries to his chiefdom Tambaka in the Bombali district, the least developed chiefdom in Sierra Leone. These ferries are grounded every year for four to six months.

    Besides, Kandeh Yumkella does not even have a kitchen in that chiefdom where his mother came from. When his uncle, the late PC Kandeh Kolleh died in in 2012, he flew there with a UN helicopter and returned the same day to Freetown. This is the man everybody is pushing to lead this nation.

    Let us wait and see the result of the flag bearer election. Many of the old politicians including those who have handled the mantle of leadership in the SLPP hate Maada, because of his disciplinarian principles. He is a man of principles and will fight corrupt Sierra Leoneans who view politics as a means through which they will make money and become rich.

    Let us also ensure that politics is some how regionally balanced. We have had all the presidents in Sierra Leone haling from the North – example: President Siaka P Stevens, President Joseph Momoh, President Tejan Kabbah and President Ernest Koroma.

    Let us give chance this time to either the Westerner, Easterner and Southerner to lead this nation from any of the political parties. Let us tour the regions and see the kind of regional development manifested during President Koroma’s regime.

  7. Please see below the PPRC Code of Conduct, which Maada Bio and his henchmen Paopas have repeatedly violated. From the provisions of this code of conduct, it is clear that the SLPP has to expel Maada Bio for violating the PPRC’s code of conduct and also issue a complaint to the PPRC.

    The PPRC must in turn accept the expulsion of Maada Bio, and ban him from participating in politics in Sierra Leone. Below are highlighted portions of some of his violations.

    According to the code the SLPP, the alliance, individual flag bearer aspirants who have been accosted, assaulted, intimidated, harassed and otherwise impeded from conducting their campaigns and supporters of these aspiring flag bearers, who have also been attacked by Paopas can file a complaint jointly or severally to the PPRC for the banning of Maada Bio from participating in politics in Sierra Leone, as there is ample, overwhelming and compelling evidence of severe and grave violations of the PPRC code of conduct.

    And as the preamble states, Sierra Leone does not need this type of uncouth barbaric behavior at this point in its existence.


    1. Political Parties Code of Conduct agreed to on 20th of October 2006 at a meeting on the code of
    conduct for political parties, candidates and supporters at the Miatta Conference Center and signed
    by the following political parties:

    2. Nothing the recent violent past of Sierra Leone, and the need for continued peace, and given the
    desirability for a free. fair, peaceful and well – regulated election and the avoidance of aggravation
    of ethnic tension and political discord, we agree and accept:

    a) That a code of conduct for political parties, taken to mean all registered political parties
    in Sierra Leone, will generally respect and contribute to the holding of a peaceful free
    and fair election.

    b) To subscribe to the code of conduct and. to the very best of our ability, to comply with
    and to take all reasonable steps to ensure its full observance

    c) To adhere/uphold conditions conducive to the conduct of free, fair and democratic
    elections within a climate of democratic tolerance in which political activities mat take
    place without fear of coercion, intimidation or reprisals.


    *3. In this code, “Political Parties” includes:*

    *a) Any entity registered with the political parties registration commission as a political party*
    *b) The leader, officials, candidates, members, agents, supporters.* *And representative of any*
    *entity that has subscribed to this to this code of conduct.*


    4. All political parties that have subscribed to this code”:

    *a) Are bound by the code, and must, therefore, instruct its leaders, officials, candidates and*
    *members to adhere to the terms of the code;* *and dissuade its supporters from breaching*
    *the code.*

    b) Will not make false, frivolous or vexatious complaints or generally abuse the right to
    complain about violations of the code,

    *5.* *The leader of a party that has subscribed to this code will instruct the party’s officials, candidates,*
    *members and supporters to observe the code and ensure compliance.*


    6. All political parties that have subscribed to this code will adhere to existing laws, rules and regulations.

    7. All political parties that have subscribed to this code will co-operate with election officials to ensure:

    a) The safety and security of electoral officials, party agents, accredited election observers and election materials such as ballot papers, ballot boxes, etc. before during and after the polls;
    b) Respect and co-operate with official or accredited election observers in maintaining the secrecy of the voting.

    8. *All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall inculcate respect for human rights, the pursuit of liberty and tolerance of divergent opinions amongst the citizenry.*


    9. No Political Party or its candidates, member or supporter that has subscribed to this code shall indulge in any activity which may create or aggravate tension between race, gender, ethnicity, language, class, region or religion.

    10. *All political parties that have subscribed to the code of conduct shall have the right to present their political principles and ideas without intimidation or threat.* However, criticism of other political parties, when made, shall be confined to their policies and programmes, past record and work. Parties and candidates shall refrain from unfounded criticism of any aspect of private life, not connected with public activities of the leaders or workers of other parties. Criticism of other parties or their workers based on unverified allegations or distortion shall be avoided.

    11. *All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall respect the right and freedom of other political parties to campaign and to disseminate their political ideas and principles without let or hindrance.* There shall be equal access to the state media. Journalists who are engaged in their professional activities shall have a free hand to do so without any intimidation.

    12. *All political parties, candidates, agents and party entities that have subscribed to this code shall not obstruct, disrupt, break up or cause to break up, meetings or rallies organized by other political parties and candidates; nor should they interrupt or prevent speeches and cause the destruction of handbills, leaflets, and the pasting of posters by other political parties and candidates.* However, the posting of these handbills, leaflets, and posters must be with the consent of the owners of the properties.

    13. All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall in accordance with the Public Order Act 1965 notify the Inspector General of Police/ Paramount Chiefs of any meeting or rally. *The Police/Paramount Chief should ensure that no *preferential treatment is accorded to one political Parties or a particular* *candidate to the detriment of other parties that have subscribed to this code of conduct.*

    14. All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall not use state power, privilege or influence or other public resources for campaign purposes.

    15. All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall desist from coercing or offering pecuniary gains or other kinds of inducements to individual or group of individuals to vote for or against a particular party candidate, or to abstain from voting.

    16. All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall not make use of the radio/television stations or convene or hold political activity twenty four hours prior to polling day.


    17. *All political parties that have subscribed to this code accept that intimidation, in any form, is unacceptable, and leaders of these parties will direct their officials, candidates, members and supporters not to intimidate any person at any time.*

    18. All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall ensure that they do not coerce or intimidate Paramount Chiefs or their sub chiefs, or any other authority to deny any political party the right to access to any chiefdom for political functions.

    19. *All political parties that have subscribed to this code shall raise any private force or militia or use the regular army or other forces to intimidate and gain political or electoral advantage.*


    20. All political parties that have subscribed to this code will make every effort to maintain communications with other political parties that have subscribed to this code.

    21. *An aggrieved political party, candidate or supporter may submit a written complaint addressed to the Secretary of the Political Parties* Registration Commission.

    22. A committee, chaired by PPRC and comprising representatives of political parties, a representative of Sierra Leone Police, two representatives from Civil Society, two representatives from the National Commission for Democracy and two from the Inter Religious Council to function as a forum for discussion of issues of common concern, including breaches of the code before, during and after the elections.

    23. All political parties that have subscribed to this code, Civil Society and the Media shall ensure the dissemination of the issues raised in the code widely throughout the length and breathe of the Country.

  8. Yankuba Kai-Samba:

    I totally agree with you on everything mentioned in this open letter of yours to Julius M. Bio. The topsy-turvy or upside down events unfolding in Sierra Leone today are all due to illiteracy. For “two thirds” of the people of the country are illiterate. See “Archived from the original on 2009-06-06. Retrieved 22 August 2010.” What a big shame!

    Even among the so-called literate persons are full of semi-literates, who are poorly educated, including Julius Bio (wearing his fake NPRC dark glasses) and Kabs Kanu, publisher of

    Kabs Kanu:

    Your point of dragging and soiling the name of Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella into this mess that has no bearing with him whatsoever is despicable and rude. Are you jealous of his academic achievements and credentials? I hope not. Please REPENT of your hate and anger towards him. You are a “political” reverend without the fear and love of God in your life, Please, always learn to tell the TRUTH and put the devil to shame. Amen.

    In addition, Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella has multiple honorary doctorate degrees, including the following:

    1. Honorary Doctorate University of Madras, India

    2. 2008 Champion of Youth Award, 4th World Youth Congress in Quebec City, Canada

    3. Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement, University of
    Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

    4. The Prix de la Fondation of the Crans Montana Forum

    5. Honorary Distinguished Visiting Professor, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

    6. Lifetime Achievement Award, Green White & Blue Commission

    7. Nayudamma Award for outstanding contributions to the energy sector, 13 November 2014

    8. Commander of the National Order of Côte d’Ivoire

    9. 2013 Energy Efficiency Visionary award for his steadfast commitment to the Sustainable Energy For All
    Initiative and his work to advance the next generation of energy efficiency through the pillars
    of investment, education and modernization

    10. 2012 South-South and Triangular Cooperation Visionary Award (United Nations of South-South

    11. 2012 United Nations Association (UNA-USA) Global Leadership Award, for the leadership he has provided
    to strengthen the United Nations

    12. Award of “Honorary Professor” by the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulan Bator,
    Mongolia (April 2012)

    13. Wissam Award For Science “for his service as a son of Africa” (March 30, 2011)

    14. Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa), Ekiti State university, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria in recognition for his
    contribution to global development and poverty alleviation in the world (March 2012)

    15. Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) from Njala University, Njala, Sierra Leone (March 2011)

    16. Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) from TERI University, New Delhi (October 2010)

    17. Doctor of Literature (Honoris Causa) at the 150th Year Special Convocation and Valedictory Function,
    University of Madras (September 2008)

    18. “Prix De la Fondation” presented by Prince Albert of Monaco of the Crans Montana Forum for his global
    leadership and work in development (June 2006)

    You can google his name and ascertain the veracity of this information. There is just NO Sierra Leonean, yet, that has such remarkable academic credentials and leadership potentials to take the country forward. Please let me know, if there is someone else. Thank you very much.

  9. We are seeing madness taking over against the most popular candidate. They will never succeed in removing him. You guys must look for a new strategy. Shame on you.

  10. For several years, I have publicly challenged Maada Bio’s fitness for leadership. I questioned what made someone with only a history of serial coup making a suitable leader, but his admirers said his violence was needed to fight the APC.

    Now he looks more like a state sanctioned opposition obstructionist, than someone who wants to lead the SLPP. The SLPP has now got what they paid for. They could have elected a decent flagbearer, but instead they selected Maada Bio. What has he done to build up the party? The SLPP is a very weak and almost non-existent opposition.

    The only way forward is for the SLPP to find a way to expel Maada Bio from the party. They are already very fragmented, so they may as well relieve themselves of this person, whose behavior threatens to destroy this party.

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