Lands minister hot on the heels of state land grabbers in Kissy and Allen Town

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 September 2021:

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie last week visited the far east of the capital Freetown where land grabbers have taken control of State lands and squatters occupying public properties.

Accompanied by the Director of Surveys and Lands, Mr. Tamba Dauda and other senior staff of the ministry, the Minister last Thursday toured the Kissy Dockyard and Allen Town Communities to get first-hand knowledge of what is happening on the ground.

In the Kissy Dockyard area, the Minister saw abandoned factory sites and hospitals that are now occupied by squatters and land grabbers.

In Allen Town, the Minister was shown vast portion of State Land that is being mapped and secured by the Ministry.

Dr. Turad also received complaints of certain individuals constructing houses on State Land without obtaining the relevant documentation, including offer letter, signed site plan and construction permit.

In Kissy Dockyard, Dr. Senesie instructed staff in the Lands and Surveys Directorate to invite all those laying claims to land and other properties belonging to the State to report to the Ministry with evidence of ownership not later than today Tuesday, September 28 September 2021, for verification and further action.

As part of the Minister’s community engagement strategy, the minister addressed the community people at the various locations to keep them well informed about the purpose of his visit.

He told local people that squatters and land grabbers are depriving them of basic necessities in the communities including hospitals, schools, community centres and cemeteries, as a result of illegal occupation of State lands and properties that should be used for such purposes.

He invited community members to collaborate and cooperate with the government to ensure all illegally occupied state properties are retrieved and returned to the government.

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